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When I met my "The News" neighbor on the street, suddenly Arthur showed up from somewhere because he loves to listen when people are chatting in the street.

So he sat besides us and did nothing while my neighbor informed me about the latest news. Nobody was born or died here in the neighborhood, but the widow three houses farer moved together with the widow 6 houses farer and that of course was very interesting.

With a glance at Arthur she said, "I hope the new neighbors like cats". Her phone rang and she ran inside the house. I waited, Arthur had disappeared. My newspaper came back complaining that people hang up too soon. The phone rang again, she started for a sprint, the ringing stopped. Then suddenly somebody whistled loud and made smacking noises. I was a little perplex. Suddenly she exclaimed "the perrot of Suzy" ! and hurried inside the house. Suzy was her granddaughter.

A perrot ! I wondered, and followed her.

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In the middle of the living room a big cage was sitting on the table and a beautiful big parrot was inside, balancing himself from one side to the other. In front of the cage sat Arthur and looked surprised at him.

He was used to the phone ringing, but that a bird had whistled at him, he found really strange. He sniffled at the cage. The perrot blew himself up, doubled almost his volume and screemed "go away, go away" and then smacking again he said " pussy, pussy, pussy" smack, smack.

Arthur looked confused. People had already called him pussy but a bird ?? He couldn't understand the world any more. The parrot came closer to Arthur's head and said "God save the King" (we have a King in Belgium) Arthur moved a little back, as to his knowledge he was a cat and not a king. Then he turned carefully around the cage.

The parrot followed also turning and told him "close the door" Arthur didn't want to close a door. Then the parrot said "God dammit, god dammit" and a few other ugly words which I cannot write down here.

Arthur was impressed. He put a paw against the grid, the parrot bent down and almost hit the paw, but Arthur was quicker and withdraw. Now the parrot got really in shape. He dansed and shaked, shouted, whistled and told me to go to hell. I stand there with my "News" besides me and laughed and laughed that my belly hurt. The "News" explained, that she will take care of the parrot for 2 weeks while her granddaughter was on holidays.

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Meanwhile Arthur's ears were turned back because of the noise, then he jumped from the table, took a flight through the door and disappeared. Too much is too much !

When I left he asked me "Go to bed ?" barked, and then made noises like a kiss. Then I heard a lot of words or sentences he had registred and suggested me to shut up. That's what I did and left too.

Arthur will probably try to go back there again !

PS. Somebody asked me why I mostly talk about Arthur. The reason is that he is the only one who makes funny things. Lisa not anymore, Kim never did, and Pookie only sometimes while Arthur is a source of inspiration !

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FelineFrisky said...

Oh! LOLOLOL A parrot! What an interesting companion for 2 weeks! She'll need to teach it something to irritate her granddaughter, like "Eat your vegetables!" or "Pick up thise wet towels!"

Isn't it wonderful how curious cats are? Arthur was very brave to investigate the parrot. I am impressed. Mine would have run for cover! LOL

D :)

Luna said...

Great story. Yes, I think a parrot is a funny "animal" for cats. They are hunting birds, but also speaking birds ?!?!?
Gattina, dein Arthur ist ein tolles Tier!!! Mit so einem Kater wird es doch niemals langweilig.
Viel Spass noch mit ihm :-) Einen schönen Dienstag !!!

Kuanyin said...

Oh what fun Arthur is going to have dealing with the parrot! And you will have many humorous stories! I'm posting earlier than normal...but I'll let you read my post to find out why! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very funny Gattina! My sister has a cockatiel that rings like the telephone and then, with his foot up to his ear (like he is holding a telephone), says "Hello!"

I am back with Cats on Tuesday this week!

Suzanne R said...

Oh, Arthur is so fun! He is always doing interesting things. So he didn't like being cussed at by a bird? LOL! He was brave, all the same. We had a parrot when my sons were at home and they taught him to say, "Superman!" and my husband taught him to say, "I can talk, can you fly?"

It's good to be back to Cats on Tuesday, although my vacation was nice. (Thank you to everyone who wished me a good one!)

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, parrots are SO funny! arthur was (as usual) very brave to investigate such a very strange creature.

what a terrific story, arthur certainly has the most interesting adventures. my girls--not so much. maybe if i knew what they were dreaming about? mostly they are sleeping all day, not many good stories to tell about that. they are definitely not out meeting parrots or conversing with the neighbors or climbing in cars and generally being the neighborhood constable!

srp said...

This is going to be a very interesting two weeks for you! What a funny bird! I knew someone who had a big antebellum (pre Civil War) southern house and kept a parrot. His name was Matthau. The family had a lady who cleaned the house and helped with the cooking and her name was Brenda. The bird Matthau, learned her name and he would start yelling.... "BRENDA, Brenda!". She would go to see who was calling her and Matthau would sit there laughing. He was a very naughty fellow at times.

Puss-in-Boots said...

hahahaha! That was so funny, Gattina. Poor Arthur, fancy being cussed at by a bird. But Oscar would sympathise with him, because Hooks the cockatoo has started to screech at him now, much to Fred and Jane's embarrassment. Hooks never used to screech, but she does now!

Dragonheart said...

Wow Arthur, you met a talking bird!!! That must have been quite the experience. That parrot is very colourful bird! I've never heard a bird talk, that would be amazing! No wonder you were intrigued.

Damozel said...

LOVE the parrot story. I'd pay money to see a parrot tell a cat to go away. I love the sleeping poses as well in the story just before this.

I'll be coming back later to see everyone's kittehs. I'm up way past my bedtime now. (Mine's about the movie The Three Lives of Thomasina plus Cat Heaven as dicated to me by my cat.)

Luna said...

OMG A parrot!! I wanna one, please Mom!

●๋: ●๋:
´´´´´●๋: ●๋:
´●๋: ●๋: Luna ●๋: ●๋:
´´´´´ ●๋: ●๋:
´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋:

Celeste said...

That is funny! LOL My Sebastian and Susie both run away when we have the birds out of the cage.

Deana said...

Arthur should have his own little children's books out detailing his adventures. He is quite a cat. What a great story...I could only imagine how impressed mine would be by a bird that could talk. Though I am sure they and Arthur would have preferred having the last word where a bird was concerned!

Anni said...

Great story! I'm visiting a talking bird this weekend and I hope he's as friendly as that one ...without the colorful language.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

That was so hysterical! My Mommy can't stop laughing! I can just picture this bird!

Captain Lifecruiser said...

Ha ha ha! Artur meets a parrot. I can imagine that it was a bit too loud for his taste. Could be interesting to see if he goes there again or ignore it :-)

meeyauw said...

That's a priceless story, Gattina! How I laughed. I can see Arthur and the bird. Thank goodness it was a big bossy parrot or Arthur may have taken advantage! I've never heard a bird talk. He sure knew what was called for in the situation!

Jana said...

Very cute, I can just see it happen, Arthur looking at dinner talking to him... =-).
A friend of our family once had a magpie that said "I can talk, can you fly?" - So amazing to we humans that birds can talk. After all cats talk, they just don't prefer to use the language of the house, they think that we should learn their language.

TorAa said...

What an amazing and funny story. Those perrots and cats. One of our neighbours at our summerhome those huge Brazilian perrots (Ara). They took over his whole house, and he had to leave the house and move away. They ate everything and can be pretty dangerous. A finger is clipped over in less than a second, if you do not pay attention and they are in bad mood.