Pookie is a very tender cat. She askes for loving care the whole day long. Fortunately she is spayed, otherwise I would have 3 times a year a lot of kittens !
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She would be like this pregnant cat meeting a friend who, when she saw her exclaimed "what !! you are again pregnant ? Who is the father ? and the little cat with a shy glance answered "I don't know I had my head in the garbadge can !"

Therefore I asked Mr. Google again to be sure I wasn't wrong and as you can see I was right !

You Are Seductive Flirt

Smoldering hot, you don't really flirt. You seduce.
For you, flirting is just foreplay.
You don't flirt unless it's going somewhere.
You have one goal in mind when you flirt... And you usually get it!

See that explains it all !
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TorAa said...

I don't get it. Too demanding for me after my transforming to a Red Cardinal this afternoon. I'll ponder how to be retransformed. My beak is about to be very soar of all this typing:))

Excellent entry ;D


Dragonheart said...

Pookie sounds like a wonderful, affectionate cat. And she is very beautiful! :)