Today I asked Lisa (when she had one eye open) to give me the answers this Blogthing test :

What Your Sleeping Position Says

You have a passion for everything - including sleeping.
Outgoing and brash, you tend to still shock those who know you well.
You tend to be selfish. You are the most likely type to hog the covers.
You gravitate toward comfort and don't like extreme situations.
and here is the result ! I quite agree, besides "Outgoing and brash" that was when she was younger, but she still shocks and not only those who knows her well !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Joe ! ... did you see the cat ??


FelineFrisky said...

Lisa is SO pretty! She looks like an outgoing cat. Makes purfect sense to me! LOL

Have a great day! D :)

TorAa said...

he-he this is hillarious. Where do you get it from? And the cartoon. That man is not the Princess on the pye. he-he.

Rosa has also seen the graphis fro C-o-W.


Obsidian Kitten said...

you get such beautiful picutres of her!