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It is almost 2 months now that Arthur doesn't go out. He still is a inside cat and gets on the nerves of his sisters.

Yesterday he jumped on Pookie because he wanted to play with her and got such a slap I don't know where, that he lost some hair and I thought it snowed !

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Pookie is a very good actor, she screemed so loud that the furniture was almost shaking, leaving poor Arthur with big eyes and flat ears.

Of course nothing serious had happened.
Sometimes Arthur is sitting outside, just at the cat's entrance and looks around, but never for very long.

In the evening I air the living room and Arthur watches his siters going out. Kim first drinking out of a flower pot (I always thought we have water in the house) and then walking away.
After a while, Pookie also decided to go out for a little walk.

When I closed the door, Arthur tried to catch my leg with one paw. I think he feels very good !

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Not yet the case ! But it happened in the past !


FelineFrisky said...

Gattina - Arthur is really sticking close to home, isn't he. That must've been some adventure. Poor love.

My 2 boys love to gang up on poor little Punkin. She's learned that a loud scream will bring Momma to the rescue! she does this for no apparent reason sometimes. Just to be prissy, I think! LOL D :)

Luna said...

Süße Fotos !Meine Katzen trinken auch immer lieber draussen aus irgendwelchen alten Pötten.
Gattina ich hatte heute Probleme mit meinem Blog. Vorher hatte ich erfolglos probiert das Cats Logo drauf zu bekommen und schließlich wurde nur das halbe Post veröffentlicht!?!?Nun habe ich es erstmal aufgegeben, bin da noch nicht so versiert in solchen Einstellungen.Ich glaube, ich brauche deine Hilfe !!!!schreibe dir morgen eine Mail. Für heute reichts mir...

Tanya said...

Enjoyed seeing your cat pictures and reading about them. Cats are the best!

Luna said...

Poor Arthur, a hug for you!!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

If yoo ask us, arthur is a smart one! Warm bed (inside), yummy fud (inside), his lady (inside). Way to stake yer claim buddy!!