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Kim, the beauty, very shy and sensible. When friends arrive she is hiding

Pookie (also called PC Pookie, for personal cat), my little body guard, very clever and the boss in the house. She loves my computer and creates files and folders, prints and does things I don't know. She also is a very good hunter (unfortunately) and proudly brings her victim home most of the time still alive, so that my husband has to catch it and brings it back to the garden.

Lisa, already nearly 15 years old but still a young girl in her mind. She is a real nerve sewing machine and a walking stomac. Very affectionated !

Arthur, the only boy amongst the girls. He is a funny stoic cat, nothing bothers him. Besides that, he is very helpfull, especially when neighbours are working in their garden. He also likes to assist to whoever is working in the street, e.g. for electricity, telephone or water. He climbs in open cars to check if there is not a nice place to have a little nap. He also loves the neighbours beds and is not ashamed at all to lay in there for a while.

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And I am the Director of the group together with my husband

who is also a big cat fan. He considers Arthur as his personal cat and when he presents him to people he insists that it is "his" cat. But I am not so sure that Arthur has the same opinion.

So we are living all together in the nice little city of Waterloo in Belgium, where Napoleon lost his battle. A few years ago up to today objects and bones were still found by the farmers on the surounding fields, the left overs of a bloodbath battle. Mr. Arthur has also tried to find some interesting things in our garden, but until now his researches were unsuccessfull.


mary g said...

I had an absolutely wonderful time reading about your cats. I have 2 myself so I know how they can be. Great pictures and wonderful dialogue.
Mary G
GOOSEKIND Chronicles

Paridhi said...

u have so pretty cats i liked kim, actually i wanted a black cat always , but never had one.all my four kitty's look same.