This is the picture that I carry always with me. It's like "wash and go" only here I have three in once. Doesn't take much room. So what happened the last days ?
Pookie moved from my bed which she squats since 3 years to the new sofa in my husbands office. and sleeps there. But as a caring cat to her food furnisher she comes during the night in my room jumps on the bed and verifies with her paw on my face if I am sleeping well, while purring softly in my ears. Unfortunately she chooses 3 am, when I sleep like a baby to check on me. And when she is sure that I am still alive, then she returns without a noice back to her sofa. And I turn in my bed and try to fall asleep again.

Arthur too changed his usual napping post. He now sleeps under my computer desk, so I nearly put my feet on him because I didn't see anything and now I have to work with my legs besides the table.

Kim is mostly in the garden watching, but not hunting, she has such a little mouse heart that I am sure she is afraid of both birds and mice.

Lisa as usual spends her days sleeping somewhere, nobody knows exactly where, but if one of us dares to put a foot in the kitchen she arrives running as if the devil would be behind her, from nowhere and claims for food. This cat is a very good actor, somebody who doesn't know her could believe we would never feed her.

How did I come to a cat

As Piccola is dead since 1983, I have no many pictures of her. They are all stuck in an album. But this one looks almost like her.

Cats for me as a child or even later were cude animals to pet and that was it. When I was 23 a girlfriend of mine had a cat and I found this funny and liked to play with her. Maybe that once I dropped the words "If I had a cat ..." but I really don't remember.

So what a surprise that on my birthday my girlfriend put in my arms a black little furry wool ball with two yellow spotlights, pointing up ears and an upstanding little tail. For once in my life I was completely speechless. Of course I found that very kind, but what should I do with that little thing ? I still lived with my parents and they would never accept a cat or something else. They loved animals, of course, but ... So I took the little thing with the accessoiries which went along such as litterbox, litter, food put everything in my car and drove to another girlfriend who lived alone and asked her if she could keep the cat until I found another solution. I didn't know anything about cats, their character nothing. It was completely newland to me. So what I did I spent my lunch hours with the little thing which finally I named Piccola (which means little in italian). Piccola, found immediatly the way to my heart, even so at the beginning I was sometimes a little afraid of her. I didn't know anything about cat language. But that stopped quickly and we became complices.

I took her with me everywhere, shopping, dancing (she waited in the car) to friends on the beach on holidays ...when I think it over today I don't know how I managed that. Piccola went on a leash or was sitting on my shoulders and on the beach she ran behind me. But we still lived separated. The day my girlfriend had to move out, I had enough. I took Piccola and her belongings went to my parents and said : "Or you accept her or I move out !" I could say that, because I earned quite well my life and could easily find an appartment. But at that time (1965) a girl had to stay home until the charmant prince took her away. So for their reputation my parents agreed.

But I didn't stay long with Piccola, I found a cude little appartment and we moved in.

That was the beginning of a long lasting life together.

From cat to cat Always sleep on the human at night so that they cannot move arround

Get enough sleep during day time so you are fresh for your nocturnal games

When you are hungry, meow loudly so they feed you just to shut up

When in trouble just purr and look cute


this is one of the few pictures I could get from her in the computer. Then began another life. For the first time we lived together and alone ! So while I was working, she slept and when I slept she went on her nightly excursions. I didn't want to let her out during the day because of the traffic, but during night it was very calm. I bought her a beautifull basket put it on the windowsill so that she had a nice view on the street during the day.

Now when I went out, I wanted to leave her home. No way ! As soon as she saw that I took my purse and the car keys, she arrived quickly sat at the front door and looked at me with firm decision : I come with you ! So I opened the doors she ran to the car and climbed in, settled down and we drove away. She really loved driving in a car. She stayed in there, looking out watching people or slept, until I came back. Of course when I went to friends, I took the leash with me and she came with me. Very often when I came back from shopping, the car was surrounded by people looking at Piccola, and cried out "A cat in a car !" This, I must admit was very unusual.

When friends visited me she did a selection. The (in her eyes) nice onces, she payed special attention to. Striking around their legs, purring and asking for a cuddle. Then came the onces she ignored completely sat somewhere and looked untouchable, so the person wouldn't dare to approach her. The last categorie was the once she didn't like at all so she looked at me with an angry glance and left the room. And slowly I realized that she was always right. There were man who just pretend to like her to please me, the once who were falsly nice to her and as soon as I turned my back insulted her, and the once who really loved her. So I did the selection trusting in Piccola's judgment.

The day she met my husband for the first time, she agreed to him immediately. She smelt that he really loved cats. (I didn't know that). He did everything to please her, but it wasn't even necessary, she liked him. That was good for me.

After a while he complained about headache in the morning. He couldn't understand why and so did I. But one evening when I came home he slept as usual with the head under the pillow and who was sleeping on top ? Piccola. Now we understood. He tried to sleep with his head on the pillow and Piccola had to choose another place in the bed, but automatically he returned to his old habits. Finally she had enough and slept on his back.

in this outfit my parents met him for the first time ! (shocking)

next time.

Some cats wisdoms

The first day God created the cat

The second day God created the men to serve the cat

the third day God created all the animals in the world to serve the cat as food

the fourth day God created work and let the men work for the cats wellness

the fith day Gott created a sparkling ball so that the cat could play with it (or not)

the sixth day God created the veterinarians to watch over the health of the cat and ruin the man.

The seventh day God wanted to rest but he had to clean the cat's litterbox

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