Here they are ! As usual...almost sleeping

four ...

Pookie came into my life maybe because of an awfull grey and rainy automn afternoon. I was in London visiting our son. We sat in the living room and I sighed "there is not even a cat here", the son got up, disappeared and came back with a little grey tabby kitten. Plus the whole equipment food, litterbox included. I was quite some surprised !

Pookie showed to be a very intelligent and activ cat ! Piccola was a noble cat, Pookie is a country girl. She liked to clean up the ashdrays, pulling out all the butts and sometimes ran around with one in her mouth so that she really looked very mondaine. She also liked to apport little things, e.g. a very littly foil ball, coming from the cigarettes pack. She could do that nearly for the whole day.

She also liked to drive in a car and didn't bother about anything. She was friendly to everybody and not shy at all (she still is) Then our son had to go to Amsterdam for his work and took Pookie (and Kim) with him. Pookie liked the life in the appartment, sitting on the balconee and looking out on the canal, watching the birds and the seven cats living on a houseboat on the canal, just beneath. But Kim was very unhappy.

Finally he couldn't keep them anymore, he had troubles with the owner so he asked me to shelter them for a while. Pookie moved in without any problem, as if she had been living with us ever since. She knew me and apparently wasn't surprised at all, to find me at another place. She immediately took over the hole household, and had some differences with our old Lisa. They finally made an agreement : they ignore each other !

Arthur was happy to have a young girl at home and started immediatly to play with her. It's still this way, but sometimes she hisses, and teaches him who is the boss !For me her arrival was something special, I found in her the same complicity I had with my first cat Piccola. Pookie considers me as her own human and is almost glued to my legs. Of course she sleeps besides or around my head which I appreciate especially in sommer time. So that's the way I inherited Pookie.

About cats :


why you better should take a cat :

There are many reasons you better share your life with a cat than with a man :

Cats are not thinking about cars and football all the time

They are not sitting in front of the TV for hours

They don't leave their clothes everywhere

they always eat what you prepare

they don't smell beer when they cuddle in bed

they don't snore but purr

they don't block the whole fridge with beer cans

they don't have to be hospitalized for a little cold

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