I BECAME A MUM - and Piccola watched

After a while my little appartment became too small for us and we wanted to get married. So I was looking again for an appartment with a garden for Piccola. I found one very nice with a beautifull garden andPiccola was happy in her new home. Everything went smooth.

Then one day my doctor confirmed that I was expecting a baby. Of course some stupid people asked what I would do with "the cat", because cats are dangerous to babies by sitting on them and asphyxiating them. That really made me angry. We had never thought about such a stupid thing. When I bought the baby outfit I let her smell on everything so she got used to the odor.When I came back from hospital, she sat beside the changeing table and watched while I was changeing the diapers. She also sat beside me when I were hand feeding. Sometimes she sniffelled the little newcomer and laid down purring. Over the baby bed I had put a net. But she never tried to jump in. When he was a little older and sat in his "rocking chair" she stroke around and he tried to catch her tail (which never happened) and he was laughing with all his heart and his toothless little mouth.

Our son with Piccola, Bianca (the dog) and Pitsou (the guinny pig)


Yes, we got a dog too. Our son dreamed about a dog and one day on the sunday market we saw a cude white little puppy sitting in a carton. We took it with us (it was a she). When I put the puppy on the floor Piccola jumped on him with a loud screem and for a moment I didn't know what to do, but then she sniffled at her and little Bianca knew who was the boss. They really became good friends sleeping and eating together, the only thing I had to watch about was not to be too close to the dog, then she became jalous. But as it was officially the dog of our son, there were no problems. So we had Piccola, Bianca and Pitsou.

Piccola was still in a very good shape, it was 1980 she was nearly 20 years old. Nobody wanted to believe that. And then beginning 1981 she suddenly declined, became skin and skinnier. The vet could only say that she had renal problems due to her age. In march then there were nothing to do anymore and I had to put her asleep. She crossed the rainbow bridge.

It was awfull, I never ever had or have cried so much than in this moment. And still today after so many years I can still feel the pain I had. She had shared the most important steps in my life, she married with me, became mother with me and shared my young independent life with me.

There were stupid people even friends who told me not to mourn that much because it was "only a cat" I could have killed them. It doesn't matter whom you moarn, human or animal. In your heart they are the same.

After Piccola came other cats. I loved them all, but I never found this intelligence, and complicity she shared with me. Until Pookie came in my life.

Pookie about 2 months old

From cat to cat :

If an italian designer would invent an animal, he would certainly create a cat, she is beautifull (mostly)and elegant. A dog is beautifull too but he dripples.

A life without cat is like fish without chips.

A dog sits besides you when you work- A cat sits on your work

There is a big difference between cat and dog, dogs have owners, cats have servants.

Closed doors are an insult to a cat because she always needs something which is just behind this door.

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