I just came back from one week holidays at the South East coast of England. I stayed there with four cats (and their owners). Sophie, Smudge, Pepsi and Lilli


First there was Smudge the doormat. He used to sleep or in front of the door or in the middle or in the hall. Nothing or nobody could wake him up when he slept. You had to step over him all the time. It was especially dangerous (for me not for him) in the night, when dozily I had to get up and almost every time felt over him. I could fall against the wall or a door, he didn't even open an eye.

Besides sleeping and having us doing our daily (or nightly) gymnastic over him, he loved eating. Each time somebody went to the kitchen, he sat there looking reproachfully at 5 (or more) bowls, usually full or half full demanding for more. He is an old boy and just loveable.

THE question : To eat or not to eat ?

Then there were Lilli, the wardrobe cat. I haven't seen much of her because she always slept or hide in the bedroom's wardrobe. She only loved my girlfriend Anne who could do everything with her, and she would only take food from her. Anne's husband complained bitterly that Lilli hardly supported him... I were just ignored.

Pepsi I baptisized the "run away" cat. She is a beautifull cat but very shy she used to flee from me as if I were Frankenstein's mother and didn't confirm what people say, that a cat can feel if somebody likes them or not. She only loved Anne and didn't like to eat with her cat fellows.


My body guard was Sophie, a very social and affectionated cat. From the very beginning she adopted me and for the rest of my journey she slept on my bed or in my suitcase. She loved to be cuddled all the time and used to lay on her back so that you could pet her belly.

Sophie wants a cuddle
Nice place to iron the guest's T-shirts

Sophie and Smudge taking a sunbath

None of my hosts purred or if, I never heard it. Not even my body guard. That was the only difference to my cats.

So my conclusion about english cats was, all cats in the world are apparently the same, there is no border, no racial or cultural difference. They are lucky !

Some cat to cat suggestions :

Never eat from your dish, if you can steel from the table

Never drink out of your bowl, if you can drink out of a glass (especially when filled with milk)

Don't ask for food before your human has taken out a can, but then miauw so loud as if you hadn't eaten for three weeks. When your human hurries to put down your bowl, ignore him and walk away.

Look surprised and offended when they chase you from the table when having guests. Usually you are allowed to walk through the dishes.

Always look for a lap which fits to your furr. For example a white cat should sit on a black lap.

Always walk a guest to the toilette and check if he does everything right

When a guest says he loves cats, look arrogant and walk away. You know better

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