I am tired she looks fresh so I thought she could do a selfie of both of us !

Sorry I forgot to put my tail on the other side !

Now they say that I am an ideal Halloween cat ! I don't know if that is a compliment ??


Arthur finally has accepted that his good old sofa is gone and that if he wants to sleep in the living room he has to choose a garden chair. He was very upset, because garden chairs belong in the garden and have nothing to do in the living. But it is better then nothing ...

Now that it is cold and humid outside his favorite game is to bully Mr. G. with a lot of success ! He meows for ham, then doesn't like it and poor Mr. G. doesn't know what to do, when Arthur turns his head around with a disgusted expression on his face.

But then there is still the radiator to warm up his belly and at the same time he can look out of the window, but there is not much going on.

Fortunately we have two because Rosie has the same ideas.

Only she prefers my bed, which she uses as bathroom, bedroom, yoga room. Often she does little walks during the night and brings us a gift in form of a fat mouse ! Last time half dead !  Mr. G. put it on a paper and in the garden.

Kim's days are like a pearl necklace ! She eats in the morning goes out but not long as it is cold, comes back naps until noon, eats again sleeps until 6 eats again, disappears for a moment and then when I dare to use the bathroom she sleeps again but during the night she eats a whole little bag of wet food.

I am allowed to brush her now and she even purrs ! Took me only 15 or 16 years to get this result !


William Kendall said...

Arthur really did not like that change!

World of Animals, Inc. said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Love the selfie photo. Now with the sofa gone, Arthur. You have found a perfect garden chair to take comfortable cat naps on. Plus you all have a wonderful view and hope you see those little birdies flying around during the day. Have a great weekend. We enjoyed this post very much.
World of Animals

Summer said...

That's cool that you are now able to brush Kim!

The Chair Speaks said...

You both look great in the selfie.
It is wonderful now that Kim allows you to brush her! Purrs and hugs!

Deb said...

I'm glad Arthur has finally adjusted. It's great to see them all (and you both, too, of course). Sending a hug, Deb

Erin the Cat Princess said...

Sounds like you all are settling into autumn rather well. Great selfies this week, and Rosie clearly is a lot like me on the hunting front, though I do expect Mrs H to get up and play with my mice too, and if need be, dispose of between naps.
Toodlepips and purrs

pilch92 said...

Poor Arthur, I think you need to get him a new sofa :) Nice selfies.

meowmeowmans said...

Your cats are so smart, Gattina. We love how they find the best spots. :)

Hooray for your being able to brush Kim now!