Aaaaaw I nearly got a heart attack now see how I am looking on this selfie ! Don't sneak like that in the room !

and I ! I look as if I came from a diet cure !

Leave me in peace, I am already in bed, come back tomorrow !

My cats, especially Arthur enjoyed the social life I had lately here in our house. My friend from France was here for a week and as you can see very much appreciated by the cats !

While Arthur took the opportunity to dig a hole in the grass for his natural needs, Rosie wanted to be petted. When Arthur had done his business he also wanted also to be petted.

And Kim ! Who hated all humans (me included) choose my friend as new companion and even neglected Mr. G.  Every evening while watching TV she sat besides Claudie !

When one of us is outside she comes too and sleeps in the grass.

Otherwise she prefers to stay inside and sleep on my cables !

I had bought a new backpack and had thrown it on the floor, Rosie thought it was a new bed for her and spent the whole night on the bag !

For the above meme Arthur had to take a selfie ! Of course he needs my help. He choose to hide under the kitchen table and I with my smartphone crawled behind him. What a good morning exercise !!


Summer at sparklecat.com said...

Your kitties are always up to something! Kim continues to surprise me!

The Chair Speaks said...

Love all the kitties and especially Rosie's sleepy face in bed! Purrs from us and hugs from our human.

Cloudia said...

I like your friends very much

Photo Cache said...

How nice they are social with people.

Emma and Buster

pilch92 said...

Nice to see all your sweet kitties.

meowmeowmans said...

All your cats look wonderful, Gattina! I love that they all were so welcoming to your houseguest. :)

Mr Puddy said...

Kim you make me laugh 😹
Me think you all are very good hosts!

Furries said...

Great photos and events at your house. I have a little bed like that, but Raven refuses to use it. You were certainly committed to helping Arthur take his selfie!

Timmy Tomcat said...

What fun you are all having. Glad you all got on with Mums visitor
Timmy and Family