We all wait for better times, I mean better weather,  my cat family is longing for some sunshine to go out and inspect the neighbourhood.

Rosie between grooming and  playing model for me, bothers the others. As she is bored she "attacks" Arthur, in fact to play with him, but Arthur is too lazy for that, and Kim and Pookie hiss at her and run away. Poor Rosie !

So she sits or mostly sleeps

Arthur who hates to be an inside cat sits behind all windows and looks out. No birds to watch, it's a catastrophe

and on the other side towards the street, there is not one human with dog to see, as it is mostly raining.

But Arthur is a philosopher, and dreams of teasing dogs, sitting on the wall, or help the neighbors digging in their garden.

And that's the view I have when I wake up in the morning

Pookie mostly sleeps too, but still meows the whole morning for food. Since I add water to the can food so does it looks like a soup, she has put on weight. I know that she has kidney troubles, but as long as she is happy and not suffering I won't bother her with vet visits. She eats little portions, leaves the food, I add a bit of water and then she eats again. Always giving a concert before. The good thing is that in the afternoons she doesn't meow and during the night neither. She still plays with her 18 nearly 19 years, and seems to be an old happy cat.

A little noise in the kitchen .... ??

And she still takes care of herself which is very important.

Arthur and Rosie napping on my bed

Kim and Arthur with Mr. G. watching TV

and Kim likes to lay close to Rosie now !


Deb said...

Such cute photos today. That Arthur...love, love, love. :)

Mr Puddy said...

Miss Rosie, You are such a skillful groomer ! What Arthur did wrong any way ?
and I just know he has two bodyguards... MOL

Have a lovely weekend

The Swiss Cats said...

Those are lovely photos ! Have a great weekend ! Purrs

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

Rosie and Arthur really don't like winter, do they! Glad that Pookie is doing well, considering her age and kidney issues.

pilch92 said...

I am glad that Pookie is h=gaining weight. I wonder if she would eat the kidney diet canned food from the vet, that could slow down the progression of the kidney disease.

The Indulged Furries said...

Sounds like other than being cooped up and bored during winter, everyone is doing well. Maybe extra play time with Rosie will help her burn off some frustration and not bother the others so often.