Yesterday evening I came back from my holidays in Scotland and England. It was nearly 10 pm, but dear Arthur showed up from nowhere to greet me ! He did everything possible to be in my way when I climbed up the steps !

He tried to wear his tail straight up, but since he had been bitten in his tail and nearly lost it, it always hangs half over his back.

From the others no one showed up.

But during the night, somebody washed my nose ! It was Rosie to show me that she was happy I was sharing the bed with her again. From the nose she tried to wash the rest of my face, and was a little offended that I pushed her away.

The next morning I  also noticed when I made my bed, that she  had brought me a gift ! A mouse was laying at the bottom of my bed ! Fortunately she hadn't brought it up and put it on my chest !

Now she sleeps in the other little bed which is in the living room.

As Pookie is deaf, she didn't hear me coming and continued to sleep

I only saw her in the morning and she was also happy to see me.

Kim of course hadn't probably even noticed that I had been away for nearly two weeks, because she sat there were she always sits and washed her fur. I didn't even get a welcome glance.

I am still half on holidays and nearly forgot to clean their litter boxes, what a shame !


Hannah and Lucy said...

There wasn't a queue at your door to give you kitty kisses then apart from Arthur.

Photo Cache said...

We always show up at the door when the hoomins come from vacation. We run away if they try to cuddle us. How dare they left us!

Emma and Buster

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

It sounds like everyone is glad you're back! Well, except for Kim who apparently didn't notice.

meowmeowmans said...

We think Kim is secretly happy that you have returned. She just does not want it to go to your head. :)