I came back from my holidays in the South of France late evening and my cats, ALL of them behaved as if I had never left ! Apparently nobody had missed me. Of course with Mr. G. they can do what they want even dancing on his head and he would still be in full admiration of his darling cats !

So I found everybody sleeping in their usual places, the only one who made an effort to great me in the garage when I arrived, was Arthur. 

Pookie hadn't heard me and lay in her bed

Kim in Mr. G.'s office

Rosie must have joined me during the night, because when I woke up I had this view ! I also remember that I woke up because she probably thought I was dirty from my trip and washed my nose and face !

As it was cool she watched her birds sitting on the heating, which is also Arthur's favorite place.

The next evening grandson Toby arrived with his parents. Arthur was happy but not for very long !
Toby didn't play with little cars anymore or other little moving things which could make a cat happy,

No he played with Legos  ugly things called Ninjago, which were Greek to me and the cats ! He was so busy to assemble an helicopter and a future vehicle, that he forgot about Arthur.

Even when he watched TV, he ignored him and didn't even pet him.

The 3 generations watched Formular 1 and Arthur now offended, sat besides Mr. G.

before he fell asleep.  He didn't even say good bye !

The other cats, realizing that this little human wasn't running around and making awful noises which hurt delicate cat ears or eventually chased their tails, returned all to their usual napping places and ignored this little intruder during his whole stay !


Summer at sparklecat.com said...

I bet the cats (except Arthur) were happy that Toby is growing up!

Photo Cache said...

Oh Arthur missed getting pettings from the little bean.

Emma and Buster

The Swiss Cats said...

Poor Arthur ! It looks like the other cats were glad that Toby is growing up. Purrs

Linens and Royals said...

Arthur that is so sad. A picture of you waiting neglected next to Toby's chair. Next visit you must pretend an interest in Lego, that might get you noticed.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Oh dear Gattina - poor Arthur waiting for Toby to grow up - is that so he can then read his newspaper in peace?

The Indulged Furries said...

Despite their lack of enthusiasm, I'm sure all the kitties were glad you returned from vacation.
Poor Arthur, not getting the attention he deserves.

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, it makes us sad that Toby did not pay attention to Arthur. :(