Since November I complain about rain and too warm weather, the daffodils came already out !
And now in February, the Russian weathercat has send us temperatures we are not used to at all ! Since a week we turn around - 11 °C (12 F) or even less. I had to undertake some changements in my cat family's life, and closed the kitchen door !

The cat flap is in the garage, leads to the steps and to the slightly open kitchen door. While Arthur, Rosie and Pookie didn't mind and used the litterbox in the kitchen in case of emergency, Kim was traumatized. For her when the kitchen door is closed, it means we want to catch her either to take her to the vet or to the groomer. She has a memory like an elephant ! So she disappeared for two days and left us worrying about her in this cold. I know she often sleeps in a carton in the garage during cold nights so I put her food besides it. The garage is not heated, but doesn't go below 0°C (32 F) but still. We looked everywhere for her but didn't see her around the house ! Mr. G. already thought he would find a stiff frozen Kim, dead laying under a bush ! Poor man.

Finally I saw her in the garage in the evening and I managed to push her inside the kitchen. At least she spend the night on Mr. G's bed.

He was a very tired, and overworked doorman, each cat wanting to go out and come in at different times, and as he was not happy without his darlings inside in the warmth of the house he opened the door nearly all 5 min, calling the cat who was outside and swearing when nobody showed up and made me mad ! Retired men have to find an occupation.

The cold weather had a refreshing influence on Arthur who rediscovered his childhood years and played with an earstick he had digged out from somewhere !

While I made my bed, Rosie and Arthur had noticed that it snowed, so

I let them out and they chased each other and played in the yard !

Then Rosie went to her usual outdoor litter box which is the graveyard of our departed pets. Apparently cats have another way to grieve than humans.

Arthur loved the white carpet because it was much easier to dig a little hole than in grass. This important task done, he ran like flash inside to warm up his cold botty on the radiator.

Rosie sat outside for a while and looked for mousies, but without any success.

Pookie didn't care about the temperatures ! warm, cold, rain or snow, she eats and sleeps and watches over Mr. G. She doesn't like to go out.

Please don't forget to visit each other !


Ellen Whyte said...

OMC minus 11???!! Poor you! We're sending warm tropical air your way as soon as we figure out how.

So glad you found Kim. What an odd girl she is. But useful in keeping Mr G on his toes :-)

Cindy Adkins said...

Awww..sweet Kim! I'm glad you were able to get her inside. She looks very cozy on Mr.G's bed! We're having the opposite as you - warmer than normal weather, although at night very cold, so all the kitties come in early.
Hugs, Cindy, Buster, Rudy and Sam

Sparkle said...

I have seen so many of my friends frolicking in the snow, and it's such a foreign concept to me! I am not sure I would like the snow.

Barbara said...

Am so glad Kim was brought in from the cold! Love the way Arthur and Rosie were chasing each other in the snow :O) And Pookie obviously has the best idea... (Your comment about retired men did make me LOL!).

The Chair Speaks said...

Must have been real cold for Arthur using the outside toilet! LOL!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

It has been real cold in Sweden too , the other night we had -19 Celsius where I live = BRRRR !
So even if I had a catflap I wouldn´t have used it. I hate when my toesies get cold !
Glad that Kim was found alive and not under some bush stiff frozen.
My mo too giggled about your comment about retired men :)

We love LUNA said...

Bonjour dear GAttina and sweet cat friends!
Oh girl..hey Kim, please take care okay, it's cold outside you mut be inside home! :)
Happy that everything is okay with you.
Here it's cold...freezing cold as well.We have beautiful sunlight and I'm enjoying my favorite spot near the window.
Anyway I think Pookie is right, and the better place for a nap, mainly with this cold weather, is in a warm bed! :)
purrs to you all

CATachresis said...

LOL at retired men and their need for occupation!! The east of UK is quite cold too. Here it is about -3 or -4 overnight and 2-3 C in the day.

Maribeth said...

Although I spent the day skiing yesterday, I am ready for the warmth of spring! Tired of the cold and snow!!!

catsynth said...

We heard about the extreme cold in Europe right now. It looks like Arthur and Rosie are enjoying a bit of it, though. Stay warm and stay safe!

Marilia said...

Here is hot and summer. Stay warm friends!!!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I am glad you found Kim and got her in to the warm. We also have the cold weaather and lasst night it was -5 and set to drop. at least the white stuff has gone somewhat as I hate it. Hugs GJ xx

The Furries of Whisppy said...

That's cold! Brrr.
Thank goodness Kim is okay and not frozen. So happy to see Arthur and Rosie enjoying their time out in the snow. Pookie seems to be the only smart one to stay warm indoors. :)

Irishcoda said...

We've been hearing about all that cold in Europe. Here we're still having a "tropical heat wave". I was just thinking about where Rosie goes to the bathroom outdoors and grief. Could be her way of tending the little pet cemetery, fertilizing the ground. Glad you were able to get Kim indoors. Sometimes one of the gang disappears inside the house. They don't go outdoors ever so I know they're somewhere in the house but I get to worrying after a few hours. I worry someone's got stuck in the attic or in a wall or something. LOL

Felisol said...

Poor cats, minus 11 that would have been too hard here on the west coast, minus five is more than enough.
Cats are adaptable though, even if they know how to fight for their right to the good life.
I'm so glad Kim came back. I do know what worrying about ones cat feels like.
It's awful!

Marian said...

Gattina: please tell Arthur that I had my first mortadella today and I'm hooked!!

meowmeowmans said...

We are so glad you managed to find Kim, and that she was okay! Arthur and Rosie sure look like they had some fun out in the snow. And Pookie ... we think you have the right idea. :)