Sorry I am late, I had the wrong date !

When I had dreamed that all four cats would jump into my arms and purr of happiness about my return so I was really wrong. The welcome was rather cool, or at least they remained indifferent.

The only one who "greeted" me when I got out of the car, was Sir Arthur, scratching behind his ear, because obviously he didn't know how to behave.

He had spent such nice holidays, eating Pizza and Mortadella and nobody stopped Mr. G. from doing it !

Rosie too, as all cats when they don't know how to behave or what to decide, washed herself first from top to tail, before she jumped on my bed and purred and licked my nose, which I don't like because it makes me sneeze.

and the next day she lay in her basket just besides my desk, which she hadn't done for a long time.

Pookie cleaned her paw and the rest and throw a short glance on me, it takes her always a little time to forgive me.

Therefore she did what she had done the whole time I was away, she helped Mr. G. on his computer.

Kim didn't even dare to come in and continued to watch I don't know what in the garden. I am sure she didn't even realize that I was gone for 10 days !

Please don't forget to visit each other !


Whisppy said...

Sir Arthur sure looks happy with Mr G. :)
And sweet Rosie is telling you she missed you in her own way.
Maybe Pookie will forgive you sooner if you let her play with your travel bag? LOL.
And Kim, dear dear Kim. You are probably right that she didn't even realise you were away...as long as there's food placed for her.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I cannot believe how cool it is in Belgique, amazing. Here it has been so warm, like an oven.

Of course Arthur was in control here as a true mancat. I am sure it was his plan to the girls that all of them were to disregard your arrival home!

They are really happy you are home, I am sure of it!

welcome bonkbonk home!

Mr Puddy said...

MOL..Sir Arthur have a talent !
Purrfect Assembly with Mr. G : )

I'm sure Kim didn't realize you was gone for ten days because I feel the same way as her..heh..heh


Irishcoda said...

Oh, I'm sure they all missed you but don't want the indignity of letting you know that! Well, things will be back to normal soon! :)

The Chair Speaks said...

We think Sir Arthur loves Mr G!
Rosie's real nice to make sure she's clean before greeting you.
Pookie looks so sexy cleaning her toes.
Beautiful Kim looks happy in the garden.

Sharon Wagner said...

Kitty pizza. Yum.

colibri said...

Ah, ces chats, quand ils font semblant de se donner une contenance (se gratter derrière l'oreille ou se lècher le bas du dos, s'ils savaient qu'on sait !!!),j'adore suivre les attitudes des vôtres, Gattina : vivant moi-même avec des chats (maintenant et pour l'instant plus qu'un seul...), ces bestioles à poils qui nous rendent tous doux-dingues et tellement ridicules devant notre admiration devant eux, je me régale avec votre blog !
M. G a l'air encore plus cool que mon mister O avec CHIPIE, elle le mène par le bout du nez !
PS : je ne commente pas souvent, mais je suis avec assiduité les facéties de Rosie et les autres !

meowmeowmans said...

Well, the dream about your four cats jumping into your arms was nice while it lasted, right Gattina? :)

It looks as though they all had a nice time with Mr. G while you were away, but I'm sure they really *are* happy to have you home (though they may not say so...).

catsynth said...

Well, all the cats greet your return in their own ways.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

I will come back and leave a longer comment :)

Photo Cache said...

they are pretending not to be ecstatic upon your return. sir arthur looks pretty comfy in between mr g's legs. what a nice spot.

emma and buster

Jo said...

I love the way cats "ignore" a person when you've been away a long time. My South African cats also take half a day to forgive me, until they hear me shaking the cookie jar, HA!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Of course we know they ALL missed you really ~ it's just not cool to show you do! Welcome home!

Sparkle said...

If my human went off for 10 days, I would be really mad at her!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Me again :)
I think you cats have the right manners towards your mom !
I would have behaved the same way if my mom was gone for 10 day´s !

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I LOVE the contented look on Rosie's face as she lay in the basket by your desk. She looks soooo happy!

I also adore the photo of the desk...by the way that is one fabulous desk!

We love LUNA said...

So nice to see your pictures dear friends!I know you are all very happy with mammy Gattina at home!
Love to you all and happy Summer Vacations!

Ellen Whyte said...

Oh dear between the cold shoulder and the tails, you are obviously persona non grata! never mind, a little crawling should put you back in the good books. hope you had a great holiday.

I've got a piece in The Star, the Malaysian newspaper today that's a Living In Malaysia story like my blog. You can read it for free at http://tinyurl.com/3f3gd9z

Andree said...

Hi, Gattina. It's great to see everybody all fat and sassy as always! I hope you have a marvelous trip. I've been thinking of joining COT again but I can't guarantee that I could comment regularly. But i never forget and always lurk! And I may just do it anyhow.