When I came home on Tuesday night, I was only greated by Pookie who purred when she saw me and turned around my legs. She also was interested in my suitcase, and in me in general. Lisa also showed up and complained that she needed a new bowl fill up.

From the others I didn't even see a tail end. Rosie and Arthur were gone out and Kim was probably as usual in her tent.

During the night I woke up because Rosie had decided that she was not angry with me anymore and washed my nose with application then tried to roll herself around my neck and purred like a motor saw. I thought she could have wait until morning instead of waking me up in the middle of the night.

I didn't see Arthur the next morning either. He probably had eaten during night and as it was very warm outside he probably had slept somewhere else in the cool bushes or in a neighbor's bed.

When I finally saw him in the afternoon, he showed no feelings at all, and didn't even look at the cute little pepper and salt cats I had offered to myself.

I had a lot of work with my photos I had taken in England and as it was so warm I used my outside office. Rosie kept me company.

Pookie suffered from the heat and didn't know where to nap. First she tried the carpet

but moved then to the cool tiles.

I finally saw Kim as watch dog in front of the garden shed.

Lisa loves the heat which warms up her old bones. She was the only one who had caused a LOT of work to poor Mr. G, as he complained to me. He was completely overworked ! She eats and drinks like a horse but also has the same quantity of poos and pees. The poor man had to clean her private litter box several times per day, because when Lisa was in there once, you have to clean it immediately, otherwise she would choose another place which could easily be a carpet or the tiles. For that reason he was very happy that I was back !


Us4 Cats said...

we enjoyed your photos. we sometimes give beans a cold shoulder blade if they gone too long.

Puss-in-Boots said...

So to Arthur your arrival home was a non event! Isn't that just like a cat? I'm glad the others were pleased to see you, even if Rosie was a trifle late with her welcome...

Cindy said...

A motor saw! That is a great description! What a wonderful post, I kept laughing. Nothing like cats to perk one up, unless you have litter box duty.

Karen Jo said...

I'm glad that Pookie at least was glad to see you back. Rosie took a while, but forgave you for leaving her. I also wonder why she chose to do this in the middle of the night.

Luna und Luzie said...

Poor Mr. Gattino , hehehehe, I can imagine that he is overworked:

It´s the same here when I came back yesterday from an overnight trip all cat were not interested in my return.

Ellen Whyte said...

Poor Mr. Gattino! I bet they really took advantage of him.

Did I understand correctly that Arthur sleeps in your neighbours' beds? Or is that flower beds?

Rosemary B❤️ said...

adorable photos! the weather looks nice there. I am glad you kitties can be outside and I am very happy that our slave is home from her galavanting around on vacation.
I scream my head off every time I poop or pee, I hate a messy box too!


Ebie said...

Welcome back, Gattina! Poor Mr. G. I could see your cats miss you a lot! And that;s a great idea having an outdoor office. Your photos are so much fun!

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

We're glad you made it home safely. We like to give the uninterested look when the staff comes back after being gone too long.

Dora said...

So they're used to contain salt and pepper. So cute! I wish i have them too. :D