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Since probably more then a months I have a problem with Lisa. I can't say that it is a health problem because her fur is soft and shiny, she eats very well and anyway has nothing else in her head but food.

She also doesn't drink more than usual, just normal like her siblings.

She is now 17 years old and looks quite good for her age. Lately she has become very affectionated. She always has to be with one of us and really looks for being with her humans. What she had never done before. Suddenly she wants to be petted and cuddled and follows us everwhere, of course when she is not asleep. Because she sleeps a lot during the day, unfortunately !!

Because during the night the troubles start ! Each night she starts to meauw very strangely at around 1 am ! It sounds a little rusty but is very loud. Sometimes she also curr purrs or makes a noise as if she would call a tomcat, but all tomcats here around are eunuchs and anyway she is spayed. Usually she wants food.

As it is impossible to ignore her, one of us gets up, feeds her and goes to bed again. That was OK in the past. But not now anymore. As soon as she has finished eating she starts meowing again. She sits in the middle of the house and meows and meows. We call her, I get up and put her in my bed, I talk to her, nothing to do, she keeps quiet for a while and then it starts again.

I really have tried everything. I thought maybe she is afraid in the dark as it happens to old people so I left the light on in the kitchen, it worked the first night but then it was over. As she likes to sleep in a basket I put a new one in my room, that too worked one night and then she started again. I really don't know what to do anymore. I don't have the heart to lock in the old girl somewhere where we can't hear her ! But these interruptions of my sleep are not good either. Does anybody know what it could be ??

Madame Lisa during the night !

And the two others are having a Tea Party !


CRIZ LAI said...

I have not experienced this with a female cat before especially one which is 17 years old. But I did experience this with Jon even until 6am this morning. He wanted company and I let him into the room onto my bed but then he got very impatient and annoying in the room and meow extremely loudly wanting to go out. 15 minutes later he wanted to come in again. This has been going on since 2am and I have yet to get a good sleep ever since. This has been going around for the last two weeks. I'm still a zombie now... haha.

It is not that I did not feed him and having early breakfast is just not his norm. I even accompanied him to sleep downstairs in the sitting room but then he still went upstairs to meow in front of my bedroom.

It got into my nerve and I let him out of the house. It is after lunch time over here now and I have yet to see him back for his lunch. Normally he will be back but this time it's really weird. Could it be that your cat wanted to get out of the house for awhile too? Or it could be one of those cat sense where they are planning to do what anyone would not want it to happen. Let's hear what others have to say and hope that it wouldn't be this bad scenario.

Anyway, you better get a good rest too. I'm planning to go for a nap before my next appointment. Gosh.. now I'm having a serious headache and feeling real lethargic. Good luck in finding the cause Gattina and have a great week ahead.


The different behavior tells me
something is wrong. Her hunger
at a new time is what worries me
also,thyroid? Or it could be
related to her age. ((HUGS))
So hard to know what to do when
they can't tell you what's wrong.

Andree said...

I have no idea, but probably a visit to the doctor? I know it's expensive but she may find something. It is worrisome, isn't it. I was thinking like jewelgirl: thyroid. Maybe kidney disease. But whatever it is, I know you will figure out what. You are such a great cat owner. I'll be thinking of all of you often . . .

Paula said...

Oh poor Lisa! I hope she gets better soon.
Maybe she is getting very forgetful in her old age.
Like in people who have dementia they forget they have already eaten and also where they are all the time.
I do hope she gets better soon so you can get some sleep!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Oah Gattina~~
I think maybe 17 years old cat may have very special take care. Liza maybe wants to be a star of this house again? Sometimes they might have the same thoughs like we human's do, wants to shiny and lighting and young again while we get older? I don't know.
Hoping she drinks more water, and I am happy to know she is eating normal~~ Liza might want to get your attention, maybe more.
No matter what, talk to the vet is another good idea to discuss with. She may have some issues need to be found or need any psychologist? Just kidding :>


And I like the slide show of Rosie and Arthur today~~ Don't think too much Rosie~~

Luna und Luzie said...

Oh, poor Gattina and poor Lisa! I also think you better go to the vet. It is maybe a thyroid or kidney problem, but the vet can say it better.
Yesterday we had a sleepless night too. There was a tomcat outside screaming all the night long, terrible ! I don´t know why, because our cats are all neutered. The bad tomcat also pees on the front door.
Ich wünsche euch eine schnelle Lösung für Lisa Problem.
Happy Tuesday

Puss-in-Boots said...

That is so cute...Arthur and Rosie having afternoon tea together...sans grilled mousies.

I'm not sure about Lisa, though. It may be that because she is such a great age for a cat, she maybe losing her marbles a little. Have a chat to your vet, he may have some suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Arthur is quite right, there is nothing worse than weak tea. We have never had grilled mousie, sounds tasty Rosie!

Sorry about the logo Gattina, I was so sleepy when I posted and forgot. :-)

Mother of Invention said...

I'm taking a break today from cats but I am visiting Artur and the gang! Poor Lisa! And Poor you! Try ear plugs! Maybe she just wants to hear her own voice? Keep on getting your attention?

Deana said...

Bless your heart Gattina I feel for you. My husband is so picky with his sleep that he would force the kitty outside and it would be a fight with us everynight! He gets aggrevated when Darius gets up and wants out too early for a nice hunt.

Is she playing in her kitty liter? I've known of cats to cry with a UTI but this sounds more like just an older fear thing. Is she perhaps going blind with age and can't see in the dim quiet of the night and is afraid?
Poor kitty and poor you. You may have to take her to the vet just to make sure she is okay...then again he may say she has gotten spoiled in her old age and more demanding! Hope you get some peaceful rest soon. You may want to wake her up during her long daytime naps to force her to sleep through the night. Doesn't that work with babies?

Anonymous said...

Poor Lisa...poor you! I have never experienced this with a cat.

My sister had a very old cat (she lived to 20) and at about 17 she started roaming the house yowling too, but not all night. My sister called it "the yowlies" but it didn't bother her since she can sleep through anything.

A vet visit might be a good idea, just to rule out the possible medical problems. My guess is that it is just old age, but I don't know.

Good luck! I hope she settles down soon!

kuanyin333 said...

My COT is now up...it's not even 8 am here on Maui. We live in such different time zones, and it may already be Wednesday where you are!

Recently I read online about a new hum that scientists are hearing come from the Earth...they are mystified by it...possibly this is something Lisa is hearing which is disturbing her--especially since she's an older cat and probably didn't hear it for much of her youth.

Have you taken her to the vet to have her checked out? She could have something internally wrong with her. Have you tried catnip? Maybe she could get worn out by taking her for a walk on with a cat leash? :-)

Read my post today about our intimidation from the "meow"!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you and Lisa. Our Bounce is almost 16 and he does the same thing, howling at night. Our vet said that it is because he is getting older and also from being hyperthyroid. He takes medicine for the hyperthyroidism but he still howls at night. I would definitely take Lisa to the vet and have a physical examination to be sure there is nothing else wrong.

Unknown said...

Oh poor Lisa! I hope she gets better soon.

Come home Silvi!!


Irishcoda said...

Poor you Gattina and poor Lisa! I've not had a kitty 17 years old and the only one that meowed like that was in heat :P

TorAa said...

Lisa, her age, can be everything. I would've checked her at the Vet.

Funny Tea Party

PS. I've had trouble with my WiFi lately, so after 5 hours, it's not wireless anymore, until I got in touch with my ISP's Help Desk.

But I did post at Tuesday.


Yah, I would take her to the
vet just to make sure. Too
many unexplained things going on!

The Cat Realm said...

We don't have experience with this but it seems the VET visit is inevitable! We also feel for you and your sleep interruption but just as with taking care of old humans it sometimes cuts into your own comfort....
Something is out of balance with poor Lisa - hopefully the VET can find and treat it!
Mrs. OZ

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

When a cat starts having different habits there may be something wrong. That is what happened with our Taffy. I hope your kitty will be ok.
Maybe you could just get ear plugs for sleeping? :^)

admin said...

hi Gattina, thx furr dropping by in Meaouwy Troops:)
Your feline family are so adorable...Lisa seems young fron her pic;) doesnt look like an old one. btw, your pic design are so cool, could you teahc us how to do it like the one you have for the header?


Mickey's Musings said...

Oh dear :( I do not have any good answers either. The Vet may be able to suggest something. I hope so as you need your sleep too :)
Purrs Mickey

Anonymous said...

Oh, big hugs to precious Lisa! I have heard of this before, where elderkitties feel disoriented late at night and start yowling. I found some information about it for you:

The Geriatric Cat

Yowling at Night

It's a fairly common thing with elderkitties, but I'd recommend a check at the vet, just to make sure all is well. What a beautiful girl Lisa is!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Oh dear. I havent heard about this problem before. I hope you find the solution soon. Do let us know OK?

Mr. Tigger in Cat-Lands said...

Oh poor Lisa and Gattina! It looks like you got some great advice! Hope you find out how to work with her. I gave all of you an Award, please come by the blog and get it!
Mr. Tigger

Jana said...

How about playing a radio at night or leaving on the TV with the volume very low? I think she's lonely for the sound of a human voice. Could you put a piece of clothing you've worn that day in her basket at night? I think she's lonely for people and she knows her time with you is short.
I had a 17 year old tom cat that got lost at night. Turning on a light helped, but he was always happier with a radio or TV on so he could hear talking and think we were around to comfort him in his old age. Good luck.

Jana said...

Tell Luna to put lavender oil around the door where the tom cat is spraying, cats HATE that smell and he will go somewhere else to look for a girlfriend.
Lavender oil is also very good for running away the fleas. My Benjamin hates when I put it on him because the other cats laugh at his smell, but the fleas don't bother him and the treatment isn't toxic or dangerous for the cat.

Around Your Wrist said...

extra snuggles and cuddles for lisa and gattina!

poor arthur with his weak tea and lack of grilled mousies.

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Hi Gatina,
My old cat Molly (just passed away last week) did this during her last year. She lived to be 20 years old. She became blind and deaf, so didn't know where I was. The yowling was to call me for comfort, to be held or put on my lap. It sounded like a call for kittens, (have you ever had a mother cat?) She would yowl at all times of the day if she wasn't sure where I was. Nights, she would sleep most of the night and call me at 5 or so in the morning. There was nothing physically wrong with her, the vet told us, she just wanted companionship and warmth from us humans.
Lovely Lisa, such a pretty cat, she looks almost like my Molly too.