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As Lisa continued to wake me up several times during the night with her yowling, I finally took her to the vet.

it had been quite a long time, but she knew immediately what this gridded thing meant and tried to hide. Finally I got her in.

She was quite good in the car and only meowed a little. I didn't need ear plugs.

This is my vet since many years she checked Lisa from top to bottom. Everything was fine. Her fur, her weight, her eyes and ears. I was already relieved. When I told her how Lisa behaves and about her yowling every night, she told me that Lisa has a sort of depression like elderly people can get too. It was a long word with something neuro ... (in french of course) and that she needs to take medication for that. She gave this little plastic bottle and told me to give her half a pill per day. (Now you can imagine what it means giving a cat a pill !)

On the way back I let Lisa out of the cage and she sat on the backseat and looked out of the window. As soon as she heard our garage door and I had opened the car she jumped out and ran upstairs into the living room. Here I showed her her pills and suggested to take one !

As usual cats never do what they are asked for and after this agitated morning Lisa retired on her favourite place (for the moment) in Mr. Gattino's office on the sofa.

Curiously she is quite good when we give her the pill. I held her and Mr. Gattino opens her mouth and throws the pill in. She seems to accept this procedure, doesn't struggle too much and doesn't scratch either.

Now it's 4 days she gets this pill and it is far better ! She only wakes me up one or two times instead of 4 or 5 and seems to sleep and feel better. In one months I have to return to see her progresses.

My friends are teasing me now and say that I became very posh ! I live in Waterloo and have a depressed cat ! Because Waterloo has become a sort of "Beverly Hills" of Brussels since a few years and only posh people live here !

Little Rosie found a little bag which was in the bottle, stole it and was playing around with it.

And she still gathers her mousies around the food bowls. Do you think I have to take her to a psychiatrist ? (Hehe !)

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Mr. Hendrix said...

tee hee hee cute cartoon! poor lisa, i'm glad she is feeling better. i think all loving beans would put a sad kitty on a pill to make them feel better...and get some sleep.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Mr. Hendrix said...

PS Hey Arthur, wasn't the MCat club party fun? I'm still seeing dancing leprechans when I close my eyes...OK, even when they're open...

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I have some pills too but I do not need them... they are called Nutricalm with L-tryptophan and valerian. Is that was you are taking?
Lisa, you are very pretty and well loved. The vet is a horrible place to go. I hate it there even though they are nice. I hate it!


Ellen Whyte said...

Poor little girl. Hope she gets her zing back soon.

I give Target his pills wrapped in a little cheese. It slides easily down the throat and tastes better than medicine.

Au is cunning and has to be dosed like you and Mr G do Lisa!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Oah Dearest Gattina,

I am glad Liza's condition has some result and solution~!!! I am glad she is doing ok and cooperate with you~!
I am so glad~!!!!

Big hugs to you, I am very happy for you and Liza, now you both could have good sleep~!

Sincerely yours,

Deana said...

Poor Lisa. It is so hard on all of us getting old. I know she is well loved and hopefully the meds will give you both some peace and happiness! I love the cartoon that goes right along with your post. Too funny. And good for you for being posh! I would love to visit Waterloo, I understand it is a lovely city filled with tons of history...and now posh too!

Deana said...

I forgot to tell you how much I enjoy your new spring design and butterflies.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the cartoon is wonderful. And I know how Lisa feels, especially after a long long winter that will not end. Things may be wakening up at my house tho. I hope the pills help her (and you!).

CRIZ LAI said...

Speaking of depression,Jon is even worst.. haha. Come over and watch what that desperado did.

I'm glad Liza finally got treated for her depression. I can imagine how many dark eye circles you have now.. hehe.

Anonymous said...

A group rate at the vet psychiatrist perhaps for Lisa and Rosie?? Poor Lisa. I am glad that the vet was able to find a treatment, and that it seems to be working. What a relief, for all of you! I laughed about the "posh cat." Very funny! (Great cartoon too...)

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

We are glad to hear that all went well at the vet, and that the pills are helping Lisa! :) We are very good when we need to take pills.

That's a cute cartoon!

Luna und Luzie said...

Oh, poor Lisa ! But i´m glad she is feeling better now and is a good cat to take her medicine.
Liebe Gattina,
so, nun gehörst du also zu den feineren Leuten ;D
tsss...dass Katzen sowas auch bekommen können, hätte ich nicht gedacht, aber ich bin ja echt froh, dass sie sonst keine weiter Krankheit hat. So hat sie euch wenigstens nicht wegen Schmerzen geweckt. Bestimmt wirkt das Medikament gut und alles wird besser für sie.

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Poor Lisa, finally you can all get some sleep! Mom crushes our pills and puts them a syringe with some warm water and squirts them in. They taste yucky but at least it only last a brief moment and it's not an ordeal.

We hope you aren't getting too posh, Gattina!

admin said...

ow Lisa, finally your problem is overcome, we're glad you can sleep full content now.....

btw, we tag you Lisa, drop by to see it at ours, see ya around!

Felinesopher and her kitties gank, Meaouwy Troops from Jakarta

catsynth said...

Aww. Poor Lisa. Glad to see she's doing better.

Obsidian Kitten said...

ah, poor lisa (who does so look like our emma)--i understand about the depression, only a cat has so few ways to express it. i'm really glad to hear the pills are helping already, imagine a cat with depression. how awful for her (and you!)

i think perhaps rosie was trying to cheer her up, playing with the medicine bottle like that?

TorAa said...

Oh yeah, is it posh suddenly to live in Waterloo. Pls explain what you mean by "posh". As far as I do know, it has nothing with inland to do.

Our Cats says: That Cage is far to small for us - how does Lisa accept?

And the pills - sceptical (is it about money? - miuuhm?)-

PS. My brothers cat (10 years) died this weekend. His best friend.

btw - we are busy here. My oldest Aunt (92) died the other day - we have been in our Summerhouse - I'm going to Sweden tomorrow- 5hrs drive - Have reserved my Tickects to Chicago (late Summer). We are Cat sitters, and I'm still more or less asleep _ winter Cold---- that never gives up - Frost at Night)

kuanyin333 said...

Wow...aging makes cats depressed? Yikes! I hope this doesn't happen to Anela! Funny cartoon!

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

I'm glad Lisa feels better, and happy she is still in good health! Good too that she is not too much trouble taking the pills. My Pippin hates pills, and he even knows if we try and discuise them with cheese or fish. He hates us all day when he discovers we are trying to give him a pill.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you took Lisa to the vet to get medicine.

Lisa is very cute and reminds me of our Lucy.

Unknown said...

Poor Lisa ! But i´m glad she is feeling better now.
ooh I have so much mousies too!

Wrigley, Cobalt, & Penelope said...

We are sorry to hear you has to take pills. We had to take pills before too, so we understand that it isn't fun at all.

Jana said...

Tryptophan and valerian? Isn't that turkey meat and valium? Geez already! Depressed cats...I have seen it all.
I can see Rosie laying on the couch talking about her abandonment issues with her mother...How about putting a little brandy in her water bowl?