Since Arthur is back home, he doesn't put a paw outside except for his natural business and sometimes not even that, he, who were always outside and visiting neighbors or meowing to people walking on the street, uses the litter box, a thing which he had not done since his childhood.

He who always behaved like a bashful teenager when you cuddled him, now sticks to me and wants to be petted and talked to all the time. The whole day he spends under my desk and on my feet and I get cramps because I have no room ! When I get up he follows me and waits until I am back again. Pookie who is usually the one who is attached to my leg with the unvisible string watches this and does nothing. I think she also feels that he is not quite himself. Otherwise she would be very jalous. He eats well, looks well but has this strange behaviour. I have never seen him like that. He is not a crooner anymore he is like a little boy.

Now we all puzzle over where he could have been ? He was not very hungry at his return and really looked good, not at all like a cat who had spent four days in the cold rain.

I think that a child had "kidnapped" him and kept him in her room, as he is so confiding, he probably followed her to find a new bed. But then he got fat up and wanted to go home and took the first occasion to escape. Otherwise I cannot explain it to myself. Everybody knows him all around and knows now where he lives. After his return each time somebody saw us asked if Arthur had returned. People who live in this area since ages, suddenly know you and care about you and your cat.

While I am busy at my computer Arthur sits happy under the desk. He really has a funny manner to get himself to sleep.

First he stares for a while in the air ...

and then his head drops down and he sleeps. I have never seen a cat sleeping like that ! You ?

Sometimes, when I am busy with something else, he naps in the bathtube. Lisa watches him while he just sat up and yawned.

or he sleeps together with his sisters and feels save.

Probably he will get back to his old habits, but for the moment we have a very affectionated cat and everybody is missing him and his visits in the neighbourhood.

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Anonymous said...

If Arthur could speak I would like to listen...

Anonymous said...

oops!... that anonymus was me, helen :)

Anonymous said...

Salut Gattina! I finally got to join Cats on Tuesday :) I'm glad to hear that Arthur is home safe and sound... Those are great pics of him under the table and in the bathtub! Happy Tuesday :)

Caylynn said...

It sounds like something spooked Arthur during his time away, so now he's happy to stick around and wants plenty of attention. Growing up, my sister's cat, Princess, once managed to escape outside (she was an indoor only cat) and we couldn't find her for weeks. A few weeks later, she showed up on the doorstep, slightly dehydrated, but otherwise fine. (We took her to the vet for a full check-up.)

Now Princess had always been a very shy cat. She didn't like people, and would always hide whenever visitors came. After she came back from her adventure outdoors, her personality changed! She was suddenly very affectionate, and wanted to be around people all the time.

So I'm not surprised that Arthur is behaving a little differently after his experience. I'm sure he'll be back to his old self in no time. I know you're just happy to have him back.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I think Arthur is a bit traumatised from his adventure and probably thought he would never see you and his sisters again.

He will be okay soon,I guess. He certainly does have a funny way of sleeping.

Arthur sounds to me like a cat with lots of personality.

Anonymous said...

Arthur must have been on some adventure and it was enough to convince him that there is no place like home!

My Momo sits just like Arthur to go to sleep. Sits, stares and then he is asleep!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, I just adore that "go-to-sleep-style" of him!

And of course, obviously he now knows your full value after being away somewhere less wonderful :-)

Cats are so darn loveable.

I'm glad to see that the code is in place too, excellent work ;-)

Anonymous said...

And I love that bed picture!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how he sleeps. we once had a large ginger tabby who sat on the couch like that. I almost wanted to give him a beer and the tv remote! He never fell asleep that wat, though. That's hilarious.
I'm sure you're as glad to have him home as he obviously is to be there.

srp said...

Poor Arthur is obviously traumatized. Although he looks quite comfortable under your desk. My Rhett had the same reaction after he was attacked by the "killer shopping bag". But that is another stroy.

kuanyin333 said...

Yipeee, Arthur is back! Lucky for me I did my posting for Cats on Tuesday before Blogger went down! I will have to add the blogroll code later when the engineers have the problem fixed!

Check out Anela's hind leg trick! Hah!

Andree said...

Blogger went down? When?

But gattina: Arthur will regain his equilibrium and be fine. How could he not with a personality and full life in his neighborhood! He's quite a character!

Unknown said...

He naps in the bathtube! I Don´t have!
Kisses for all!
¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨)
(¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥ Lunita ♥.-´¯`-.♥

Dorothy said...

Where ever Arthur went he certainly knows he has it better at home. I love his sleeping habits.

Need I ask, your painting of Rosie decorates the sides of your blog?

Jan Parrish said...

I love the picture of him sleeping like a human.

I think I did the Linky right but am not sure.

Happy Cat's on Tuesday.

Jan Parrish said...

On my end, your linky displays the list of names but not the column to link up.

Mitchypoo said...

I'm so glad Arthur is home. He doesn't seem traumatized to me, but thankful to be back with you.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture in the bathtub!

Not a Dog Person said...

Cute blog! I actually decided to do cat posts on Tuesdays before I heard about your blog, Tuesday must be a sacred day for Cats or something. >^..^<