No, I don't shut my mouth ! I pushed the button ... go away !

see, I wanted to try a Yoga selfie and it worked !!

Outside selfies are not bad at all ! I could even keep my eyes open !

Our beautiful summer weather continues, and therefore we are all a bit lazy.

Kim only gets up when her tummy rumbles and she is hungry, then she would walk to the kitchen and ask for food.

When she has finished eating she lays down always at the same place just in front of the garden shed and the hedge. Sometimes I think she never moves and is maybe glued to this spot.

Rosie has discovered this place too  !

But she loves to sleep on my bed too and not to disturb her, I leave it open !

Apparently she needs some company and as Arthur has other sleeping places, she stays besides her stone brother... he must be quite warm !

She also likes to sleep on a chair outside on the patio and observe magpies from far ! They are too big for her !

Arthur is the only family member which is active in this house ! Except that here he rests in his favorite place on the bark in the shade.

But if somebody comes, he even runs in this heat to check who it is and to say hello.

This was the case when the pedicure lady came ! He was watching her and paid attention that she didn't cut off our toes !

He also has discovered a new napping place for the night ! Not very comfortable in my opinion, but he likes it. He is squeezed between the window and the shutter, maybe it's nice and cool there.

He also loves to sleep on my desk besides the computer and then goes out on the windowsill, which always makes me nervous as it is on the second floor and I am always afraid he would fall or jump down. But Arthur probably thinks that I am stupid, he is far too intelligent to do that !

I can only say, I lead the same life as my cats, only that I have to go out from time to time for shopping and of course I have to blog too, although there is not much to tell about my lazy cats ! Even the mousies have nothing to fear, it's too hot to hunt them !


The Chair Speaks said...

Kim is beautiful! Arthur is an inquisitive cat! Purrs and hugs!

Summer said...

Kim looks really awesome for her age! Maybe she and Binga should get together and reveal their secrets to staying youthful!

Erin the Cat said...

The heat here is making all us cats lazy it seems. I do go out hunting at night and early hours of morning and enjoy the cool of those hours. Still very few mice though, so I chase down a few catfood pouches instead MOL
Great selfies and snoozies from everyone this week, and clearly the yoga works well for your suppleness and camera control, MOL
Toodle pips and purrs

Maribeth said...

Ah my favorite Arthur! Funny, he has been my favorite all of these years. He is such a handsome boy, with such personality!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Very nice selfies from all.

meowmeowmans said...

Good selfies, all of you. Arthur, you are so funny, especially that place between the shade and the window!