Ever since I moved my desk to the window, Rosie and Arthur keep me company and watch what I do.

Arthur warms up his old bones under my desk and takes most of the space I have left for my feet, the fact that I sometimes put my feet on him, he doesn't like at all.

Rosie prefers the "Neighbor watch" version and also controls what is happening outside.

Then one day at the end of the week, something strange happened, Mr. G. first carried up a carton

in which was our folded Christmas tree. Arthur found this very interesting and of course slipped inside where he worked for a while on the branches, until I chased him outside, I feared for our tree.

Meanwhile Rosie checked the new Christmas decoration I had bought, as the balls were still in their box, it wasn't very interesting for her.

When the table was cleaned up and the balls hanging on the tree, Kim and Rosie completed the table decoration. Nobody took notice of the tree so far.

The last weeks Rosie is very busy during the night to tidy up her mousies and now she doesn't put them not only in the water bowl but also in my slippers ! Each morning I have to collect the mousies, the wet once I put on the radiator to dry, and the others I throw somewhere. But Rosie is stubborn and each night she starts again and each morning I also start again. For the moment it's the summit of her nightly work. She hasn't done this during the whole summer. A fact which should be studied by professors of animal behavior research.


  1. I think Rosie is putting mousies in your slippers to show she approves of your new desk location! Maybe you don't get the relationship... it is a kitty thing.

  2. Awww. Arthur wants to help in puttig up the Christmas tree! Purrs!

  3. Love Rosie's new perch - very convenient for snoopervising! I'd love to know what causes the drowning of the mice every night :-)

  4. Cats do seem to love all the Christmas decorations!

  5. Does Rosie put the wet mouses in your slippers?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Well, better toy mousies in your slippers than dead live ones. Heehee.

  7. have fun with that tree! - Crepes.

  8. We have a feeling the cats will notice that tree, sooner or later. How nice that Rosie and Arthur keep you comoany, though it is a pity that Arthur does not let you use him as a foot warmer. :)

    As long as Rosie does not first put the mice in the water, and THEN in your slippers, I think it is okay! MOL!

  9. I think the tree will soon become a focus of attention. Jasper used to love helping with the decorations. think Rosie loves keeping you guessing with the mice.

  10. Don't forget that you 4 cats have to buy gifts to put under the tree for Mr and Mrs G. and Toby. I think Arthur is very streetwise he will know where the shops are. Just follow him and take lots of money.

  11. Ah yes, dear Arthur! We'll be going to Mandy's home on Christmas Day! Yay!


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