When I came back from England, I was very tired, dropped my suitcase in my room and went to bed !

Pookie was delighted she had a new bed. The fact that I came back too, seemed to be of less interest.

Arthur was quiet happy, as he started sleeping on my lap, what he hadn't done since ages and then slowly, slowly pushed me aside so that I had less and less room !

Two days later the whole street was alerted by the shrieking noise of an alarm. It was the alarm of Dominique's house. As we have the key, Mr. G. went over to see what happened and turn off the alarm before the police would arrive. He checked all rooms and found Arthur deeply sleeping and not at all bothered by the noise on Dominique's bed ! Apparently he had sneaked in when she went out and had walked around looking for the best napping place, which of course put the alarm on.

Mr. G. carried an angry Arthur out of the house and locked the door. Nobody in the street was surprised. They all know Arthur and his adventures ! He often tries out other beds !

Not bothered at all by the attention he had caused settled down on the bark and continued to sleep !

Rosie was very happy to see me again and slept the whole night besides my head, purring into my ear ! Fortunately it is not such a loud noise then snoring, so she purred me to sleep. She also modeled for me for the letter "O" in a meme. Isn't she a kind cat ?

She loves to lay on the freshly cut grass, and watch for mousies, but they are hiding elsewhere. No chance !

Kim has continued her cat life with or without me, here she has found a silent partner !


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Arthur's escapades never fail to amuse me!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Arthur makes us laugh! Thank goodness Mr G went to investigate first (so brave of him!). Or the police might not be amused to find a cat burglar (or rather, a cat napper!). Haha.

Kjelle Bus said...

Arthur makes me and the mom-person laugh too :)
Glad that Mr G got him out before the police arrived !

Hannah and Lucy said...

We love Arthur - he's always so laid back and carefree - if the police had found him we're sure he would have had a good excuse ready for being there.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Ginger Jasper said...

Arthur is such a character and I laughed at his latest episode. The purring you to sleep sounds so nice.. Hugs GJ x

Katz Tales said...

LOL, does Arthur have a criminal record? He is a funny one; and so is poor old Kim.

meowmeowmans said...

Pookie, that looks like a very comfortable bed. Maybe Gattina will leave it there for you? MOL!

Oh, Arthur! You are SO funny. We love that the neighbors all know of his escapades. :)

How nice that Rosie purred you to sleep -- that is the nicest sound.

There is nothing wrong with a little peace and quiet, right Kim?