Each morning when I am in the bathroom, Pookie comes for a control if I do everything the right way.

She moves around and rubs her head against the furniture. There is even a black spot on the one with the basket drawers. When I asked her to move a bit and show her little face, as an answer I got the blur picture and just a tail end.

The big question of the day was where to nap !

So she did an hour on one sofa, and then did the big move to the other, where she stayed for the rest of the day.

Rosie too, didn't know quiet well how to spend her day, as it was very stormy and wet outside.

After a nap on the table, she finally decided to jump down, do some Yoga exercises and then decided she
would move into my room and her bed.

She wasn't quiet sure if she would stay, then looked at the raindrops falling against the window and after having noticed that the floor is too hard she finally joined her mousies.

Sometimes miracles happen, after three months of playing "The invisible cat" since a few days Kim came back inside ! 

I saw her under the kitchen table and after having emptied her bowl, she retired in Mr. G's bed which hadn't happened for a very long time. Now I hope she comes in every day so that I can lock her in and take her to the groomer, the poor thing has an awful fur ! She looks so neglected ! Fortunately my neighbors know what kind of cat she is, otherwise they would certainly alert the animal protection !

Arthur has a new job. He became "stalker". He sits outside on the window sill where he doesn't get wet and looks through the window inside. It is so funny to suddenly see his face pop up and observe us !

He also has stolen Pookie's seat and warms it up for Mr. G. when he returns from his jogging, which means from the Television to the Computer and the other way around.

The only one still moving in this lazy family is me !


sully86 said...

hrmmm that is how their schedule looks like for the day.

Sparkle said...

You kitties certainly keep busy, even when it is raining!

The Chair Speaks said...

We love the Rosie stretch!
And Arthur sure knows how to have an adventurous day! Purrs!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Everycat seem to have settled in quite nicely indoors. We hope Kim stays around so you can bring her to the groomers!

CATachresis said...

That' a pretty gruelling schedule!!

We love LUNA said...

I see you all are very busy trying to find the PuRRRfect place for a peaceful nap there! MOL
Love your pictures dear friends!
purrs to you all

catsynth said...

Arthur does know how to have fun in any condition. Nice to see that everyone has things to do in the rain.

Our post today also features a cat named "Arthur" :)

Luna und Luzie said...

Arthur found as usual the best place outside on the windowsill for stalking!
Your cats have all a fullfilled day!

Katz Tales said...

We have a similar schedule here. It's nice to have everything On Time and Proper :-)

meowmeowmans said...

We love those sleeping poses by Pookie. :)

Rosie, we get restless when we have to stay in, too.

Arthur, great job stalking the humans! MOL!

And how nice to see Kim for once! Hopefully you'll be able to take her to the groomer. We bet she will feel much better.