Another week where my little cat family prefered to stay inside as it was cold and wet with temperatures around 0°C (32 F). Even Kim didn't sleep outside in the yard, or in her tent, but prefered an old carton in the garage to a nice basket, which is also standing there. She really behaves like a homeless.

No way to take a picture of her, she sleeps on my bed sometimes, but as soon as I enter the room she runs away. I suppose she didn't hear me when she slept on Mr. G's bed, otherwise I couldn't have taken this photo ! When she is hungry she shows up in my room, I feed her but she won't eat until I have left the kitchen ! She really is a very strange cat. We have to catch her to go to the groomer but so far, no way ! If I didn't know her from birth on, I really would believe she is a feral cat !

Rosie each morning when I open the stores, sits on her "weather station" and waits until daylight shows up to check the weather, then she does her morning gymnastic and runs and jumps through the house, growling like a feral dog, I have never heard a cat making a noise like this ! It's strange that such a little one can make such impressive sounds !

Then she starts her napping marathon.

When I read my book in my bed in the evening, she watches over me and I have this funny view ! The little hills under the cover are my feet.

We had some worries again with Arthur, because each time he ate his canfood he throw up, but as he ate Rosie's dry food during the whole night, I thought it can't be something serious and I bought the special "Hill's" cat food again for him, and yes, that was it, because he didn't vomit anymore and is eating now like a horse !! If we go bankrupt it's because of Arthur !

To show me that I made him a happy cat he gave me this seducing look !

Pookie as usual, doesn't put a paw outside not even for natural needs, she uses the litterbox in the garage, spends her days as Mr. G's body guard, watching him shaving, helps him at the computer and of course in the evening reads espionage stories with him.

Please don't forget to visit each other !

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The Chair Speaks said...

It's so obvious all your cats love you and Mr G very, very much in their own little special (and funny) ways! Hugs to all of them. :)

Photo Cache said...

Happy Tuesday kitties. Stay cute.

Emma and Buster

Linens and Royals said...

Rosie looks a little surprised/shocked at what you are reading. I don't think she approves.
Good one Arthur, always insist on the best/most expensive foods.

Barbara said...

I love that seductive look from Arthur - LOL! I've never heard of a cat behaving the way Kim does... does she not like any humans (can't blame her really, we're a rum lot)? Pookie must by exhausted with her role as PA to Mr G, and it's a shame there's no sound on your blog as I want to hear Rosie's noises! Have a happy week :O)

Luna und Luzie said...

O°C ?!? Es ist WARM bei euch !!!

We have -8°C .
I´m glad to see all your kitties warm and comfy at home.
Love the little observer Rosie.
Findus also eats us the hair from the head like we say in Germany.
Our doggie gets Hills too until he was very very sick with stomach problems at January beginning.
Stay warm!

Whisppy said...

We love that everycat looks well and happy, despite the weather. It's funny how some cats, despite having lived in a loving family all their lives, can act so "feral". Strange, eh?

Felisol said...

Living with cats sure is much fun, but it also has its worries (Arthur in particular).
I never knew that Rosie had taken an interest in literature. She seems to have a good time keeping you company.
Funny how cats loves beds, human beds that is.
we once had a cat Who would bite us in our toes, when she got bored, so I say, no more cats in our bedroom.I need my beauty sleep in peace.
That doesn't stop Amidala to take a nap in our beds whenever the door is open.

Irishcoda said...

We've been having strange weather here. One day it's about 60, next day it's 20 degrees cooler! I love that seductive pose of Arthur's. Maybe canned food doesn't agree with him anymore? All of the gang here go through a 25 lb. bag of dry food and we can get it for less at Walmart.

Sharon Wagner said...

A napping marathon. They win those every time!

Repositório said...

Stay warm friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Mom larfed at the bankrupt bit 'cos she sympathises ... she says if she goes bankrupt it's OUR fault!

catsynth said...

0C is quite cold. Definitely good weather for staying indoors. Love seeing everyone's antics, and especially Arthur's look of satisfaction :)

Ginger Jasper said...

We cats are very different indeed. It is though very evident that there is much love between you all. Mum says she so has sympathy for you over the bankrupt thing because It is the same with me but hey we are worth it MOl HUgs GJ xx

Au and Target said...

I wonder if there's such a thing as a feral gene? I know some cats like Kim and they stay half wild all their lives despite living in luxury with families like you and Mr G.

Glad everyone else is fine. Have you tried Arthur on Addiction? it's good stuff and I think a very little bit cheaper than Hills.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

omg that "seducing look" totally won me over lol

Marie said...

All of your kitties are so gorgeous! I'm really glad that Arthur is doing better and that it only required a change in food to make him feel better (albeit a more expensive food -- isn't that always the way?!).

Thanks for hosting, I do enjoy being a part of Cats on Tuesday -- it's funny how much I missed it while being away. I would actually think about it on Tuesdays and how I should be posting something :-)

Hugs and purrs!

Johanna said...

Hallo Gattina,
es ist so süß anzusehen, alle deine Katzen sind wahre Persönlichkeiten. Ich finde es zu komisch, dass Pookie gerne in der Badewanne sitzt. Und dass Rosie morgens laut rufend durchs Haus tollt, ist süß. Ich wünschte, Wiski würde ein bisschen mehr Action zeigen. Er schläft nur, frisst und beschwert sich.
Schöne Grüße, Johanna

meowmeowmans said...

One thing is for sure, Gattina ... Arthur, Rosie, Pookie and Kim are SMART to stay inside when it is so cold outside. We *love* that seducing look from Arthur!

Stay warm, dear friends. :)