The cats get slowly used to the fact that since a week we have two painters in the house who repaint all rooms. After the first day where Rosie and Pookie were a little lost, they finally found quiet napping places where they are not disturbed.

They move around with the painters. Kim has left the house very offended and only comes during the night for food. Sometimes in the evening when the men are gone she shows up just to tell us that she hasn't left us completely.

The only one who rather enjoys the whole mess is Arthur. He loves company and so he walks around and watch them painting, always trying to be in their way. When they have their lunch hour he sits with them and meows loudly because he wants to share their sandwiches ! He has a deep terrible voice and could easily double a cat in a horror movie !

Not bothered at all, Arthur continues his adventurous cat life as usual.

Since Sunday the living room is free and available for cats and Mr. G. so they share TV together for the first time since 4 days.

Yesterday morning getting out of my bed and looking for my slippers I saw this still life !

Rosie had carried one of my socks in my slipper and decorated the whole art work with a yellow mouse !

Isn't that pretty ? I didn't know that I have a cat artist in the family !

Please try to visit as much links as you can, because I noticed that some of our participants only get one or two comments ! That's quiet disappointing for the cat(s) !


marianne Sa said...

What an artistic cat you have.
Hopefully Kim has returned happily.

Boo-Bah said...

Rosie and her mouse! that is so cute. My Pearlene (chihuahua) likes to put her favorite toy in any shoe she can find.
Did the painters give Arthur any bites? I would not have been able to resist sharing with him.

Sparkle said...

What a bunch of interesting characters you live with! Arthur is the supervisor, Rosie is the artist and Kim must be the diva.

Luna and Luzie said...

LoL that is a lovely arrangement of Rosie!!!
The painters seems to be very exciting for Arthur. I can imagine how he behave like a Horrorcat hehehe....poor painters

Happy Tuesday

We love LUNA said...

oh gosh, I also imagine the smell of the painting is something that can disturb cats.
Hey I love that red wall, it's beautiful!
Very nice that Arthur likes the painters.He is so friendly!
Your house is adorable!
purrs and love
Luna and mommy Léia

The Chair Speaks said...

Arthur must be popular with those 2 painters. LOL!
Wow, Rosie has a designer taste and is artistic. :)

Ginger Jasper said...

Good old Arthur keeping the painters ammused lol Poor Kim getting out of the way. I also dont like lots of strangers and would hide for a while but soon come out to see whats going on. I hope all is restored now. Hugs GJ xx

Ginger Jasper said...

Good old Arthur keeping the painters ammused lol Poor Kim getting out of the way. I also dont like lots of strangers and would hide for a while but soon come out to see whats going on. I hope all is restored now. Hugs GJ xx

Kjelle Bus said...

Miaow , miaow !
Here is another artistic cat :)
I´m decorating my mam´s socks too :)
So Arthur liked the painters or was it mostly their sandwiches ??!!
Have a nice tuesday !

catsynth said...

We're having home work done, too - so life is a bit disruptive for cats and humans alike. It's funny how Arthur seems to enjoy the extra company...

Linens and Royals said...

As your slippers match the red wall I think Rosie is trying to tell you a splash of yellow would look good on the red wall.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

we are having a lot of home repairs/remodeling done too and you are nicer than I am!
Cody was so nosy when the painting was being done that I put him in a spare room (where his toys, condo, kitty bed, litter box etc are located) because I was afraid he would try to eat the paint.
We are having new floors put in in a few weeks and he will be in that room again!

Marie said...

Now there is a talented cat! I love the still life :-) MacKayla the Empress likes to make still life's also out of stuffed animals and socks -- it's pretty funny. I'll have to take a photo sometime and post it!

Purrs from MacKayla the Empress, Joel Gray, William the Orange and Giblet the Thanksgiving Kitten!

Barbara said...

That artwork is superb! Such a contrast of colours and textures... maybe Rosie has now moved on from drowning the mousies. Hope all the cats have got over the decorating trauma (Arthur is so laid back about it all, wonderful!).

Softpencil said...

Hahaha Arthur made me laugh! and Rosie is so cute and a great artist! Poor Kim, I hope painters finish the work soon! :)

Ozkatt said...

Oh, I wouldn't like that. I'd hide under the doona on mum's bed but Bella would be like Arthur, helping and generally getting in the way.

Our mum has a new blog now because her computer went a little crazy a couple of weeks ago.


Mitzi and Bella