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I don't know what happened to Kim, the shy and never playing cat, but I saw her in our garden playing with something ! She jumped in the air, ran around and for once had a normal cat behaviour ! I had never seen her playing not even when she was a kitten !

But then she had to lay down again and rest !

Rosie hasn't found new mousies to bring home and leave them in my way, she looked with polite interest at my little fisher costumed cats, I had bought for myself ! As it is warm or even hot, she spends a lot of time with me, when I sit outside and write.

Nothing spectular happened to Arthur either, he now is mostly outside and sleeps in the shade under some bushes. Here he hesitates to join Kim, but decided then to rather climb on the roof of the garden shed.

A new house is built behind our garden, where fields used to be, and Arthur started to watch the workers if they do their work properly. I have to tell them to look in their cars before they leave, because Arthur loves to sleep in cars, no matter what as long as the door is open !

Please don't forget to visit each other !


Gee said...

Hi gattina.

Its nice to see that your cats are free to move around. They would certainly enjoyed that. Btw, Im new to this meme and Im participating for the 1st time.

katztales said...

How nice to see Kim having fun! I guess you're forgiven for going away, and that Mr G is feeling more relaxed? We're medicating feral kittens and my hands are full of little scratches!

Ebie said...

Hi Gattina, you've got a lot of diversified cat activities. And a big yard too! Arthur looks so very curious high up in the tree. My Twylah is still very much indoors.

Luna said...

Oh I think Kim was enjoying the soft green grass, it's so beautiful in your garden!
And Rosie is such a fabulous huntress, I loved her collage.She is a good catgirl , for sure your inspiration for writing good stories.
Arthur looks very interesting in that window.Maybe he is thinking about to go outside and play a little bit as well!
Fabulous post and beautiful collages!
Love you friends

Luna said...

Oh Arthur, that´s danger...we hope you never gets trapped in a strange car!
When I read that about playing Kim it remind me to Luzie. She never plays much. There are very rare moments when she is playing for a short time like a kitten.
You have beautiful collages today!

Cindy said...

I hope you never loose Arthur to those workers! Kim must have played until you got your camera, those cats! What beautiful cat pictures! Wonderful post on their days.

AL said...

Hi Gattina,

Your cats looks very comfortable with you、i like Arthur's photo behind the bushes. Cats certainly has some ways of catching attention. They look so lovable.


Pam said...

It looks like Kim is having lots of fun before she had to go lie down. : )

The Mom said...

I hope Arthur takes care about the cars ~ I constantly worry about Milo or Alfie getting in a car when the door is left open ~ they are so nosey!

The others look like they are having lots of fun.

Anya said...

Lovely collages,
your cats have space outside :)
I am always afraid he comes under a car :(

catsynth said...

Looks like a relaxing late-summer outside. It brings out playfulness in some, and relaxation in others.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Sorry Madam Gattina. I have been emotional about having to lose my beloved kittens and didn't feel like posting any of them. That's why I had been invisible for a long time.

Of course I miss you too as I enjoy your blog so much about Arthur, Rosie and Kim. You always make me laugh.

There will come a time that I have to get rid of cats in my life because I have no one to look after them when I'll be gone away for a holiday.


Kitties like a little time outdoors to chase bugs, mice and leaves.
And just lay in the green grass! :)

Boo-Bah said...

Your garden looks like a paradise for your cats to play and investigate in.

I hope Arthur stays out of those cars. It would be horrible if you lost him.


MonikaRose said...

Beautiful pictures for COT, love how all your cats have different characters, I wish I had more cats. Have a great day :) MOnikaORse

Julie said...

Great pics of your pretty kitties. :) I hope Authur is careful around the cars...cats and cars just don't mix. Happy COT.

Princess said...

Well, this is mighty good news that everycat is enjoying the last day of summer time and enjoying the very warm weather doing some interesting activities. Lovely lovely photos too!!

Karen Jo said...

Maybe Kim found some interesting creature in the bushes. I am glad that she had a good time. I do hope that Arthur stays away from the workers' cars.

Anya said...

Thanks for your lovely/funny comment about cats eating fish
(Pooor fish :(