Each time when Arthur comes back from his neighborhood inspections, he is warmly welcomed by Rosie.

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But Rosie now getting older develops her own little character and I suddenly learned that she is not so sweet and tender as she pretends to be !

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This morning Pookie jumped on my bed for a little nap. She already had given up to sleep besides me during the nights because she doesn't like Rosie sleeping there too.

But during the day nobody disturbs her there. I thought ! Rosie when she saw Pookie on "her" bed, she jumped on her and hissed !! I was flabbergasted I never thought this from little Rosie ! Pookie as usual retreated and ran away. There I got angry. I took Rosie and put her in her basket besides my bed where she usually sleeps the whole day when she is not playing. Then I ran after Pookie and carried her back to the bed. She still was upset and angry but then settled down to take her nap

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as you can see here.
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and Rosie still surprised that I had put her quite roughly in the basket was slightly offended but then stayed there and slept too.

I never thought that Pookie would give up her territory so easily and that she even seems to be afraid of little Rosie. With Lisa Rosie would never dare to do that, Lisa is an old lady to respect, otherwise she slaps with her paw and hisses like a dangerous lion !


.:mar said...

With such dramatic characters to watch at home you don't need movies!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, very interesting! Sounds like Rosie is growing into quite a strong willed and feisty kitty girl. *smile* Sometimes my sister and brothers and I fuss a bit over territory, too -- we never have fights, but there is the occasional hiss or spew. And Mom's lap is prime real estate!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Karen Jo said...

Naughty little Rosie. I wonder why Pookie is afraid of her.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh ho! Rosie is trying out her boundaries. Poor Pookie, I'm glad you didn't let Rosie get away with that, Gattina. I can see some fun coming up...

Cindy said...

Ricky isn't too territorial until our son brings his two boxers into the house with him. Then, look out! Glad to see you stopped by this morning!

Andrea's Garden said...

Die arme Pookie! Die kleinen Miezen können schon was. Stella ist ja auch "klein", auch wenn sie schon ca. 3 Jahre alt ist. Wenn sie widerwillig ist, knurrt sie. Sitzt jemand auf einem ihrer Stammplätze lässt sie das die Person wissen. GsD hat sie bis jetzt noch nie jemanden gekrallt. Ich hoffe, Pookie setzt sich durch und zeigt deiner frechen Rosie, wie der Hase läuft in eurem Haushalt. Power to the older cats! Yeah! :-) LG Andrea

Andrée said...

I am wondering, Gattina, if Rosie is attempting to become the matriarch. Every cat group has a female as the matriarch and she rules the house. Whenever a new girl comes to my house (or, sadly, if I lose a girl), there are months of little power plays.

michico*Adan said...

Rosie is now a teenager, she is growing up. I think that is natural. She is getting has her own turf of concept, maybe she thinks your bed is her own turf too.

But, she knows Pookie is part of her family, I think you are doing right, this lesson will teach Rosie to know must share with sisters and brothers, because we are all family.

I think you are doing right, not to worry.

It's a intergrade you know? Anyway, Rosie will understand, Pookie is not afraid I think, she just not expect Rosie will hiss.But I think Pookie will also understand Rosie is not a baby anymore, I think they might will use adult to adult way to settle things in the future, hehehe.

Pookie just not wanna to argue with a teenager, I think. Because if she do something violence, she prefectly knows that her mommy will angry. So the best way to let mommy stands at her side, is not doing anything, just let mommy to judge the whole condition.

In another way, I think, maybe Rosie thinks Arthur play with her much more often, so she treat Arthur better :)

Dorothy said...

Do you think Pookie walks away because she knows Rosie is still a young girl? Perhaps Pookie won't let her get away that kind of behavior when Rosie gets to be an adult cat? You did the right thing in teaching Rosie where her boundries are.

Yeah, Mike was getting bored so I sent him off to see the world.
I was also running out of Mike stories so hopefully his little trips will generate new story material.

Gretchen is happy to be his travel agent.

I got a new table for my computer equiptment and had to empty the whole computer room so I could reorganize it better. I'm so happy, I'm not finished putting everything back in here yet, but I'm much happier with the new arrangement. Grethen has been checking every little thing out. She's not real keen on the new white table. But she finaly worked her way up to sitting in my lap between me and and table. So I guess that means she's accepted it.

Your site looks so festive. I see you've been doing some redecorating. It looks nice.

Dragonheart said...

Oh my! Little Rosie hissed? My humans have never heard me hiss. I'm glad Pookie was able to nap on the bed after, and that Rosie settled into her basket.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Goodness, Rosie is showing that "other" side of her personality ... the side that people claim cats have when they call them two-faced. Poor Pookie ... she needs to voice her authority.
Hope you have a fabulous week.
I love your Halloween template, by the way ... it so fun !!
Take care, Meow

Luna said...

Oh, Rosie begins to be a adult cat. I think she would like to show this to the other cats.
Nun wird Rosie erwachsen und möchte ihre Möglichkeiten testen.
Aber sie muß auch lernen, die anderen zu respektieren. Es ist gut, dass du ihr das zeigst.
Bei Frieda war das auch irgendwann so, dass sie alle von ihrem Platz drängen wollte.
Die katzen werden das auch schon unter sich regeln.
Einen schönen Rest-Sonntag

Mousie/Paisible said...

your photos are always great dear...and your headers very nice...the one you made for Rachelle is very nice...congratulations Gattina...

Donna said...

Love cats and love your blog! Big hello from Texas!

The Cat Realm said...

Yeah - sometimes we just want to surprise our humans a bit. By the way: little Emil chases big Mrs. OZ all the way up into the ceiling and doesn't give a damn if she hisses at him!
Your blog is sooooooo beautiful!!! I love that background, unfortunately my staff is too dumb to do nice things like this with my blog.... Instead they always put me in these weird photoshop outfits....

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Wow, talk about your cat fights! Hope that everyone is okay now and had a wonderful nap.

Tanti baci!
Opus and Roscoe

TorAa said...

Interesting stage in Rosies development - will she succeed in having her own territory (revir) or will the other females stop her? I think Arthur will allow her, until she (Rosie) gets fed up with "the old man". Then he will "fight" back in his way.

riiiiiing - riiiiing
That's the Alarm Clock - Pollock ready to eat. OMG - what a run.

.... They have been served..

Felicia and Rosa very seldom disputes any territory or fav places. Only when disturbed sleeping.