Rosie's main occupation, as all kitten is playing of course

Here she is attacking the plush cat which sits on my bed

She also appreciates very much the tunnel

But best of all is the kitchen paper roll with that she could play for hours and it proves you don't have to buy expensive staff for your kitten it loves to play also with existing things in the household.


wheatgerm said...

cats are funny

Anonymous said...

Too much! I love kitten! When Patouf, Pedro and Ticoune where babies, they stay fast all the time in Mélissa's room with their mother Mistyc. They were born in and Mélissa was total in admiration and wanted to keep them all with her. It's the same thing with human babies. Often people buy toys and toys to their children and finaly they play with things you can find at home!

Luna und Luzie said...

Hallo Gattina,
süß deine Rosie, hat man sofort ins Herz geschlossen, so ein Kätzchen.
Ich war schon ein paarmal hier, konnte aber nicht kommentieren. Es hat immer Seite nicht gefunden angezeigt wenn ich auf comments geklickt habe.
Nun bin ich auf einem anderen Rechner und es geht !?!? Daraus werde ich mal wieder nicht schlau, weil es bei manchen geht und bei anderen wieder nicht. Also, wenn du einen Tip hast ??? (Fehler 404)
Ich habe aber alles angesehen, was du gepostet hast !

Gretchen said...

Rosie is looking cuter and bigger everyday.

Tatiana Gamarra said...

Lovely Rosie.
Come to see my Cuzco special.

PD: Sonn well come back to cats on Tuesday! Ive benn really bussy with my classes.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

she sould try the toilet paper. It is sooper fun ~the fluffy tribe