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Good news ! I am happy ! I went with Arthur to the vet yesterday and she checked his tail. It's not dead the blood runs through and with a little chance he can get his tail function back, but nobody knows when. For the moment he can raise half of it the other half still hangs down. This also has something positive because Rosie thinks that it is a toy made especially for her.

Since the last few weeks Arthur has a new napping place, he sleeps in our cars ! Mr. Gattino once forgot to close the window so he climbed in and settled down in the back. Twice it happens that only out of the garage he noticed that Arthur was in there ! So when I drove with him to the vet he was a good boy, he only sang a little because he was locked in the cage, but on the return I let him free and he sat down in the back and looked quite happily out of the window.

actual situation and not yet tail situation

Arthur's favourite place

And another good news ! Pookie finally came back on her usual napping place only for a few hours but it's a beginning. You see Rosie sleeping behind in my "filing cabinet". I hope the worst is over !

And also eating together doesn't make problems any more here she is with Arthur

and with Lisa.

Arthur also starts to play with her a little, she runs always after him. She kicked her little white mouse in his direction and he shot it back ! Even ol' Lisa remembered that once she was young and made a timid try with the mouse. It seems to me that there is some fresh air blowing through my sleeping cats !

Little Rosie occupies the whole sofa !!

She knows what is decoration

I am not allowed to throw paper in my waste paper basket, it's occupied !


helen said...

It looks like all your cats will remain great friends, they just need some time to get to know the little kitten I guess. Sweet photos :)

Andrea's Garden said...

Schöne Katzen hast du. Ich kam zu deinem Blog über Maine Coone Luna. Wir haben seit kurzem auch eine Katze, die denkt, dass sie Teil der Haus-und Gartendeko ist. LG Andrea

Suzanne R said...

Ah, that Rosie is just so adorable -- I want to pick her up and hug her! How great that your kitties are adjusting to each other and getting along, and especially that Rosie is bringing out the kitten in the naturally-more-sedate, older cats.

That's good news about Arthur's tail, too. I will be hoping that he regains full use of it.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Rosie is so cute!! I wish I could go and play play play with her!!


PS. We like Arthur very much too, he is so white, like us!

Rosie seems generally to give the respect to all the elder cats, just like Marie used to when she was a kitten...I think I can live with her.


Arilú said...

Rosie is precious. It's great that she is accepted by the others.

I like the photos too.


katztales said...

Poor Arthur with his newly kinky tail! Maybe he'll fel better if you tell him that many Asian cats have kinky tails too. Scoop's has corkscrew curl and Au's is set at an angle of 45 degrees!

PS how do I join Cats On Tuesday?

meeyauw said...

That last picture of Rosie is the cutest!! And everybody is adjusting. I can't believe how tiny baby cats are next to the big grownup cats!

I absolutely must make sure my car windows are closed at night so wild animals don't get in!

Have a great week with the kitties, Gattina!

Mom Unplugged said...

Rosie looks constantly surprised! She is just adorable! I am so glad that things are going well. It will all be easy from here. They'll be sleeping in a big pile in no time.

I am glad that Arthur's tail is getting better. Keep us updated!

meeyauw said...

I'm sorry, Gattina! I didn't mean to leave Arthur out! That is good news about his tail. Sometimes these things take so long!

Mom Unplugged said...

Also-I meant to compliment you on your new wallpaper. I love it!

srp said...

I am so glad to hear about Arthur's tail.. perhaps he will get use in it and won't have to have it amputated. One cat I had in the past did have to have hers taken off... she took it in stride and boy, when she was angry she could really whip her little tail stump around!

Little Rosie is simply a doll!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm so glad to hear Arthur's tail is not as bad as you first thought. Maybe if Rosie keeps playing with it, it will be encouraged to get better.

Rosie has made a spot for herself in the Gattino cat family...that's good. It didn't take too long, did it?

DK & The Fluffies said...

OMG she is just the cutest little thing!

Paula said...

I am glad that Arthur is getting some use of his tail back again.

LOL! More than once we have driven out of our driveway and gotten halfway down the road before noticing that our Alex kitty was asleep in the back seat!
He sure loves the car adn doesn't even mind going to the Vet.
He is a VERY laid back kitty.

Kuanyin said...

Glad to hear Arthur's tail is ok! I like your new wallpaper background...very cute!

Dragonheart said...

Arthur, I am so happy that your tail is okay! That's fabulous news. :)

I'm glad that everyone is starting to get along with Rosie. :) She is very cute and very tiny!

Dorothy said...

Oh, I just knew things would work out with Rosie and the others. I just love to look at that kitten with it's wide, innocent eyes, brightly staring back. I'm also so glad to hear Arthur's tail is going to stay on his body.

Deana said...

Rosie's big ole bright eyes are just adorable in that last shot. Your big guys make her look so tiny in the pictures with them...how nice it must be to have a kitten in the house again?

PS- your new border looks great!

Luna said...

I´m glad that Arthur´s tail is okay.
Little Rosie is a cute tiny kitty.
Vielen Dank, liebe Gattina, für deinen Tip mit dem Firefox. Nach einiger Überzeugungsarbeit hat ihn mir mein Mann installiert und siehe da, es geht wieder :-)

Have a nice day !

TorAa said...

I can't help it, but I had to laugh a little bit. Your cats are tremendous. They have allways a solution. And Rosie - of course - she need space.

Great post

Celeste said...

That is good news about the tail! I think it is great how kittens breath new life into old cats.

Gretchen said...

I am happy to see Arthur is doing so nicely. Rosie is adorable. I'm glad to hear she's fitting in.

Angelo and Nermal said...

Nermal and I missed so much on our hiatus! Arthur and the gang have a new playmate eh? Rosie looks like she's got a lot of antics up her sleeve that you can blog about Gattina. Poor Arthur, I hope his tail will make a full recovery. Glad to hear that the vet had some encouraging news. Nermal and I finally did your tag! Sorry it took so long :) We look forward to hearing more about Rosie. And Arthur, Lisa, Kim, and Pookie too of course. Happy Tuesday!

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

So nice to see that Arthur and the rest of the gang is accepting Rosie now. I can just imagine big Arthur playing with the tiny Rosie. Must be quite a sight!

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, how lovely! delightful news about arthur's tail.

and rosie--she is so tiny next to the grown cats! lol

how funny to have arthur's tail as a toy...and arthur (and almost lisa?) now as her playmates. what great news!

Karen Jo said...

I am very glad that Arthur may regain full use of his tail. Maybe it just needs lots of time. Maybe Rosie will stimulate it by playing with it. It's great to see Rosie being accepted by the other cats. She is so cute in your wastepaper basket.

Cindy said...

Arthur and our Morty could swap tales about their tails- you know the old saying, "Misery loves company..." Glad to hear that Arthur's tail is doing better. And I love that picture of Rosie in your waste basket- that is so cute!

claudie said...

Le monde tourne autour de Rosie qui est ravie! Les autres grincent un peu des dents: "Où est le bon vieux temps du calme et de la routine!?" Dur, dur de gérer un bébé dans une maison où chacun à son espace, son territoire et ses habitudes! Je les comprends, moi aussi mes deux filles me perturbent, J'aimerais un peu plus de calme et de tranquillité! Mais en même comme le fait Rosie elles mettent de la vie dans la maison!
lorsque tu auras l'ocasion de venir sur mon blog j'ai répondu à ton commentaire mais je n'ai encore pas écrit de nouveau billet.

Meow said...

It looks like your kitties are all starting to become friends ... at least not enemies, anymore !!
That's wonderful.
Take care, Meow

Ann said...

Oh look at those eyes! Absolutely precious!

I'm so happy to hear that Arthur may get use of his tail back. I sure hope he makes a complete recovery and regains perfect use of the tail.

My kitten Sebastian, like Rosie, thinks Max's tail is his own personal toy. Max, of course is not so happy about that! lol!

Mother of Invention said...

Kitten-in-a-basket is precious!

Leisa Dreps said...

Hello there little Arthur! You are one big cat! I adore your whiteness, and you made me smile with the photo inside the car. I bet you were having a comfy ride, enjoying the warmth of the dashboard. What a good life you are having with your fellow feline family! How I wish I'd become a cat and stay with your human companion. She's just a sweet woman.