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Last friday when Mr. Gattino drove the car out of the garage, he saw in his driving mirror something white on the back seat. It was Arthur who had found a new quiet napping place ! But when he heard the engine he got up like a flash and wanted to get out more then quick. I too had left my window open enough and this morning he slept in my car. I nearly took him with me for shopping.

Slowly the cats get used to Rosie. Kim anyway never cared as long as it's a cat even a miniature one and not a human. The funniest was when Rosie first met them one by one. She pumped herself up to a round little hedgehog with a thick tail and looked very dangerous. A furious tiger would be nothing against her. The only strange thing was that the cats didn't burst out in laughter.

Here you can see Kim watching Rosie playing.

and Arthur said hello

Lisa realized that Rosie was nothing to eat so she lost all interest and watches her with phlegm.

Pookie now is only disturbed by the fact that she cannot sleep with me anymore. Yesterday night she jumped on my bed and of course on Rosie. So she left right away. Poor Pookie, but I think in a little while they will both sleep there.

One of Rosie's favourite toy is a kitchen roll which she spreads all over the place. I only wait for the moment she will discover the toilet paper !

Today for her first week home I bought her this roll. There is a mouse hanging in with a little bell. She loves it very much and rolled around the whole afternoon.

between naps of course (yes I know smoking is bad for the health)

Watching TV, Rosie sits on my feet


Forty Paws said...

Rosie is so cute!!! What an adorable kitten!

Luf, Us

katztales said...

What a lovely little cat. I'll bet all the others are upset, jealous and in need of extra cuddles. And maybe Arthur is hinting he needs a weekend away from the kitten?

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

So glad to hear that Rosie is all settled in now. It is so nice to have a active furry little thing running all over the house.

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh my goodness, what a dear little miniature cat she is!

i love seeing everyone's reactions to their new housemate.

Anonymous said...

She is SO sweet! What a pretty little face she has. She looks quite surprised!

I am very glad that things are settling down. There is nothing LESS relaxing than a house full of hissing kitties!

srp said...

Rosie is so adorable. I remember when all mine were kittens. They run and play so hard and then suddenly collapse where ever they happen to be and fall soundly asleep. The ragdolls always did this right in the middle of the floor... in front of your feet. Hope all the other kitties will eventually welcome her so she will have a friend to snuggle and sleep with. Welcome Rosie!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Goodness - she is just the cutest little thing!

Suzanne R said...

Rosie is adorable and I think she is settling in well, considering that cats are so territorial and the older, more-established ones in the household will hold stubbornly to their chosen areas and customary ways of doing things at first. I wish I could let Socks sleep with me but she goes under the covers and bites all of the interesting bits of me she can find, especially knees and ankles and toes. Other than that, she is a wonderful kitty. It is good that Rosie doesn't have such tendencies and is such a loving little thing already.

Dragonheart said...

Rosie is so tiny! She is also very cute. I'm glad that the others are getting used to her, and in time, they will be comfortable with each other. I'm sure Pookie will be back to sleeping on your bed eventually.

Jodi said...

Rosie is a cute lil kitten!!! Toilet paper is a must for a kitten!

Have a great Tuesday!

FelineFrisky said...

What a precious little beauty!!! Oh, she is soooo cute!

I am glad that everyone is settling in for you. that makes it so less frustrating. They will all come around to her.

You have quite the little family now. I am so happy for you!

D :)

TorAa said...

Oh she is a sweetie, little Rosie. And playing with the kitchen roll -he he , I can't recall how many of ours as ended as cat toys.

TopChamp said...

That last 1 is a great pic!!

I am 1 finger typing again as the cat has jumped up onto my knee between me & the laptop!

Dorothy said...

Rosie is so adorable. I love coming here to see what antics she' up to each day. She has such a funny face. I'm glad Arthur, Pookie and Lisa are taking her in stride.

Suzanne R said...

For some reason, my link didn't show up for people to use to visit my blog, so I have tried posting it again.

meeyauw said...

Hi Gattina!
I see things are progressing well with Rosie. I love your comment on how she fluffs up like a hedgehog. I'm going to have to get one of those rolls for my guys; it's a great toy!

Dorothy said...

You know, I never knew much different about declawing in this country. A lot of the indoor cats I knew growing up and adult, were declawed. It is only just recently that I'm hearing more about how bad it is for the cat and how looked down upon it is. I never understood that very much until I put Gretchen through the removal of her front claws. This one backfired on me, two claws grew back. She still has her back claws, of course, but I also made everything in this place easy for her to jump upon so she doesn't get hurt or stressed. We debated over that desision for so long, but we had three very good reasons for thinking it should be done. Even Preylor's front claws had been removed before I ever knew him. For him it was a blessing because he was powerful and could get mean. If I could undo what I had done to Gretchen, I would--even putting my husband's and my health at risk.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Are you letting Rosie watch horror movies? She looks very startled...even to saying ooooh!

Glad they all seem to be settling down.

Faz the Cat said...

Rosie is so gorgeous. FAZ

Cindy said...

Rosie is adorable! I just posted my first cats tuesday and tried to join the blogroll but kept getting a page error for some reason. Put the blogroll on my site and that shows up fine... sorry I was a day late but just found you today on Meeyauw's blog.

claudie said...

Rosie est délicieuse et tous ces matous ont bien de la chance! Ils sont bien mieux installés chez leur maîtresse Gattina que dans une suite au Carlton à Cannes!
Sarkokenstein est passé aux infos ce soir et il a parlé du journaliste belge qui a dit qu'il était émêché lors d'un repas alors pour sa défense le p'tit vampire a dit que c'était parcequ'il ne buvait jamais d'alcool! C'est sûr il boit le sang des travailleurs!

JennieBoo said...

Oh gracious what a sweet new baby.

Welcome Rosie!

Paula said...

The picture of Rosie sitting on your legs is so adorable!
She is really a sweet kitty.
Wikipedia's favorite toy was the toliet paper roll when she was that tiny.

We were on a family camping trip for several days and left our 4 cats in the care of a wonderful friend/cat sitter.
We came home to some very fat and contented cats!