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Apparently nothing special happened with my little cat family during my holidays, besides the fact that Mr. Gattino had fattened them and Arthur looks like a round snowball now with a collar.

Therefore I want to tell you about the cats I have seen during my roundtrip through Turkey. There were so many cats but all stray cats with no home and of course not spayed. They lived everywhere and in almost every restaurant too. Fortunately they didn't seem too skinny, probably they got enough food from the restaurants and certainly also from the tourists.

When I thought about our so cherished and spoiled cats who don't eat such and such brand mark because they only touch another one, about all the treats, special cat baskets, blankets, scratch posts, toys etc. my heart sometimes bleeded.

This little kitten was perhaps 2 months old and had already learned to beg for food it even ate a piece of bread which a tourist gave to it.

it didn't seem to unhappy because it played but it has not such an easy start in life as our cats here who even have an own blog !

These cats lived in roman ruins, very historical for us, but I doubt if they profited very much from 5000 year old history ! I wondered who fed them.

These cats too wandered around the Troyan horse and the surrounding ruins, there was no restaurant nearby so I really don't know from what they lived off.

But I have also met some cats who belonged to somebody and were no stray cats. They also walked around but had a little piece of one ear cut off to show that that they had been spayed. This one was sitting at the entry of a shop and didn't bother about clients, a piece of her ear was cut.

The same also happened to dogs, they ran around free and also slept a little everywhere.

Of course I can only talk about the villages I have seen and the historical places I don't know how it is in other cities. Some cats also had bad injuries like a missing leg or eye and it had healed by itself, they certainly haven't seen a vet.

I hope that with the time things get better for cats and dogs some years ago it also happened here in our western world.

Just got a mail that little Rosel is ready to be picked up, so that's what I will do this afternoon ! I surely will have an agitated one, and hope that the others will accept her easily ! I'll keep you informed of course !



meeyauw said...

Welcome back, Gattina. The photos are wonderful and your commentary is fascinating and sad. I wish I had a magic wand to prevent all the neglect and abuse of animals. The only comfort I have is that we all are giving our cats and dogs the best they can get, and we are not part of the problem. It must have been very difficult to see them all about.

I hope you have a wonderful week home.

Obsidian Kitten said...

welcome home! such beautiful pictures...but it does make me want to spoil my own furbabies all the more for the ones that don't have homes and must make their own way in the world. all mine would be strays too if we had not taken them in. i wonder if they know what the world outside our cozy little house would be like?

i was amazed when i visited rome how the cats loved to lie about in the ancient ruins! the sun makes all the stones so nice and warm, i suppose. your'e right--5000 years of history is just so much piffle to a cat!

Suzanne R said...

It's so nice to see you back, Gattina. Your heart for kitties and animals in general followed you on your trip, I can tell. The pictures are beautiful and you're right, the cats do look well-fed. It would be lovely to spoil the cats in the photos like I do mine. My heart goes out to them because cats need more than food -- they need affection and appreciation.

Have fun with little Rosel -- I can't wait to hear how she (?) is doing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Rosel! How exciting to bring her home!

It is so sad about the cats and dogs in Turkey that don't get the love and attention that our pets do. It is interesting that they cut an ear to mark that they have been spayed though. That is a good idea, especially for the females where it is much less obvious!

I remember visiting the pyramids in Egypt and seeing many stray dogs hanging about that all looked exactly like the dogs in the hieroglyphics. Descendants I am sure.

Karen Jo said...

I enjoyed seeing your pictures. It is sad to see so many homeless cats and dogs. I have no way of knowing how it is in Turkey, but in Italy we were told that the curators of the ruins feed the cats who live there, especially in Rome.

Luna said...

Hallo Gattina,
schön, dass du wieder da bist !!!
Über das Schicksal der streunenden Katzen darf man eigentlich gar nicht näher nachdenken, ohne verrückt zu werden.
Nice pictures of the stray-cats. I´ll would like to take every poor cat with me, but it is impossible... Our dog was a stray dog in Spain and our cats Frieda and Luzie were stray-cats in Germany. I can´t have more cats, it is too expensive ...
Have a nice day :-)

Dragonheart said...

Welcome back Gattina! Thank you for sharing some of the photos. It is very sad that not all cats have wonderful homes, even in the Western world. Interesting that the ears are notched to show that an animal has been fixed!

I hope all goes well with little Rosel. :)

FelineFrisky said...

Wonderful to have you back! What a wonderful travelogue you brought us. It is sad that not all the little creatures of the world are as loved and coddled as ours are. I would end up with a farm load - such a sucker, I am!

Cannot wait for stories of Rosel & Arthur! This should be another adventure in your house!

D :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

It's such a shame that there are feral cats and dogs...some have probably been dumped and left to fend for themselves and met up with others, had kittens who grew to mate and have more kittens and so it goes on.

I was driving down the road the other day (I had to get some wine!) and saw this beautiful ginger and white cat who, as soon as it saw me, ducked into the storm water drain. It obviously lived there...but it was a beautiful looking cat.

Good to have you back, Gattina.

Deana said...

I always hate to see young kittens out begging for food, their thin little bodies. So sad that some animals have so much love and others no one. I guess children can even fall to the same sad fate! But your pictures are wonderful and I enjoyed all your town cats out and about. If only the cats in the ruins knew the value of their beds!

Deana said...

PS- I can't wait to see little Rosel.

Celeste said...

Rosie will be an interesting addition!
The cats of Turkey are beautiful. It is sad to see so many homeless ones.I love loving on my cats and I know they love loving me back. I just wanted to reach thru and bring all of those cats home with me.

Dorothy said...

I am amazed at how cats all over the world are the same as in one's own community. The life and language of cats seems to be universal. I love your pictures of the cats in Turkey.

Kuanyin said...

Thanks for sharing with us how the life is for cats in Turkey! Very interesting! I bet the cats all came running up to you knowing you are a famous Cat Woman!

Paula said...

What beautiful pictures from Turkey.
My sister-in-law went to Greece for 3 weeks and said that there were cats everywhere. Almost every picture she took had an adorable cat in it.
She is a cat lover too.

LOL, My cats always have a great time with our cat sitter when we go on vacation here. She gives them extra treats and will sit and pet them lots during the time we are away.

Irishcoda said...

Welcome back, Gattina! :) I felt so bad for the cats and the dog in the pictures you took. Turkey is a beautiful country it seems but not so beautiful in the treatment of pets. Cutting an ear after a cat or dog is spayed--how awful! and how sad for the homeless cats. I hope things will get better there

TopChamp said...

Hello to new Rosie when she is there - I'll be back to see her later on!

Luna said...

Mom always takes pictures of dogs and cats in her trips and I believe that you are same haha! ;)

cliaraturk said...

hi i live in alanya antalya most of the year and my turkish husband and i have a lovely little cat Buster who i have turned into a typical english spoiled furry baby.I am in UK at moment and my husband is going to visit his family in Ankara naturally Buster is going too don't know how well it will go down but my husband says no Buster no me!! see Turks do love their animals.....

Anonymous said...

I have just returned from a holiday in Turkey and kind of took a stray cat under my wing, This beautiful cat was as in as much need of love and affection as it was food and for a week I couldn't resist providing it with both, but also felt very guilty when I had to leave it to return home, I left with tears flowing and a very heavy heart wondering if I had been wrong to give this poor creature love, affection and a contented belly then to just suddenly take it away, I wanted so much to take it home with me. Now i'm home and find myself dwelling on how the cat is, I have two Jack Russells who are loved so much but it leaves me thinking how spoiled and easy their lives are.