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This is the place were I use to write. A typical writer place. Writers and artists love cats, and prefer them to dogs, which is a well known fact. Here are only a few examples of celebrities who found that out too :

"I love cats, because I love my home and they become by and by the soul of it." (Jean Cocteau)

"Even the smallest cat is a masterpiece ....." Leonardo da Vinci

"There are two things in your life to avoid worries, music and cats "(Albert Schweitzer)

"A cat is a heart in a fur coat" (Brigitte Bardot)

Dictators don't like cats because they cannot train and educate them and they would never do anything when he wants or because he wants it. So they do it with dogs and humans. Or have you ever heard that people like Hitler, Pinochet, Pol Pot etc had cats ? Now that doesn't mean of course that all dog owners are serial killers ! We had a dog too.

My place also looks like a Manager's, general Manager's or President's office and why ? There is a bed in ! But my office is not for having fun with my (male of course) secretaries but for my cats. Even though it's not quite true because Pookie serves me as secretary and she sleeps in my bed.

It is very handy to have a bed in the office, only in my case it is not. There is no room in my bed ! As you can see the place is taken. So I have to sit on my chair and wait until the nap is over.

To make my bed I have to use a ruse, I call them in the kitchen for treats, and while they are eating I can make my bed, or I have to wait until they need to go out for business, in the hope they have this need at the same time. Then I hurry up and quickly do it, because a few minutes later the bed is full again.

It is very hard to be owned by a cat !

And this is a statement dictated by a cat :

"Humans have three primary functions: to feed us, to play with us, give attention to us, and clean the litter box. It is important to maintain your dignity when you are around humans so that they will not forget who is the master of the house. Humans need to know basic rules. They can be taught if you start early and are consistent. You will then have a smooth-running household. "

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meeyauw said...

I don't know why: but when I make my bed (which is perhaps once a week!) the cats get off (grumpily but voluntarily), wait quietly on the floor, and then bounce back the minute I am done!

Puss-in-Boots said...

When I change the sheets on the bed, every cat I have ever had seems to know, no matter where they are. They will come in and, just as I am throwing the sheet on, they will jump onto the bed so that the sheet is over them. For some reason, they seem to think it's a game invented purely for them.

I love the statement dictated by a cat - typical!

Anonymous said...

Dropping by to wish you a great week. I think it`s cute that your cats like to sleep in your bed. My cats and the dog like to use my bed as well.
And I want to tell you this is my new version of my blog (I think;)):
( I hope to move it over to my own domain but I need some help to fix it, maybe some time when my husband find time to help me).