I had a blog only for Arthur, but it was too much for me and I moved him over to his sisters. I had to close this blog, because when I moved over to "New" Blogger, it was all upside down. So I decided to sometimes copy and paste some of his stories I wrote in the past.

Mr. Gattino got a new job. He has to take care of our neighbor's dog Yanouk for just one day. Mr. Gattino stood at the fence and talked to her and of course Arthur showed up from nowhere, as usual when he hears voices in the garden or on the street its a must for him to check who it was.

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So he sat besides Mr. Gattino and after having sniffed at the fence and Yanouk's front paws, (as big as Arthur's head) he sat down and washed (for a change). Unfortunately by the time I got my camera, neighbor, Mr. Gattino, Yanouk and Arthur had disappeared. It's a pitty.

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In the evening Mr. Gattino went over to Yanouk to feed him. Arthur, sitting on the little wall besides the house, saw him coming out followed him immediately. So they both went to Yanouk to feed him.

He of course felt lonely and was so happy to see Mr. Gattino and Arthur, that he jumped and turned around and waggled with his tail like a windmill. Arthur retreated a little bit and sat down on the other side of the fence door, his friend compared to him looks like an elephant ! (and behaves as well too)
When Yanouk had finished Mr. Gattino went back of course with Arthur at his legs.

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The next day for once, as the weather was so nice, Mr. Gattino decided to walk a little bit, and as he is like Arthur, checking on the neighbors and chatting with them of course, which is totally natural for an Italian, if they cannot speak (and mostly with the hands) they are not happy.

Arthur found this wonderful, now he finally had somebody to walk with and he trotted behind Mr.Gattino. Of course this duo was not unnoticed ! Doors and windows opened people and heads came out. And then it started the Ah's and Oh's and isn't that cute ? Does he always walk with you ? and Arthur was greated and petted and admired and he showed himself from his best side, by laying down and rolling on the side way (dirty of course) He really savoured all this attention.

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But after a while, he noticed that Mr. Gattino went into a km or mile wide conversation and talked and talked and Arthur got bored. He probably thought what to do now to get their attention again ? He decided to jump on the next car taking care to sled, so he was sure that the humans got crazy because of the scratches on their beloved car ! And he was right, everybody screamed "Arthur" in bold and underlined and "get down" what Arthur did at once, striking again around legs and what happened ? He was petted again.

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Arthur knows how to charm people, the old cock of the walk ! Mr. Gattino decided to break up his long chat, said bye and returned home with Arthur besides him.

When they both came into the house, Arthur hurried in the kitchen, to fill his stomac and Mr. Gattino said to me : "If the weather is nice tomorrow I will go again for a walk". Usually Mr. Gattino is very lazy and doesn't like walks at all, but he loves to get attention and walking around with a white cat, that's something to look at ! In some way he is like Arthur. The only difference is, he has not to lay down on a side way to be petted.

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Seis Gatos said...

Hi, we are still interested in be part of Cats on Tuesday, but still dont understand what is it????

Seis Gatos said...

Hi, Gattina, you wrote this:
CATS ON TUESDAY, you write or post a picture or both EACH THURSDAY."

So, the group name is "Cats on Tuesday", and the day we publish in the blog is on Thursday". Please, let me know, how that is.

Im i, so please add me to the blogroll, and let me know when that happens. I`ll add the rest of the group right now.


TorAa said...

I can vividly see them both, Mr Gattino and Arthur, Emperror of the Street. What a sight. I understand all neighbours opening their Windows to have a glance of this royal parade.

Mother of Rosa and Felicia, used to join us when we went into the Forest for picking mushrooms. Sometimes we were away for hours. And Sali (That was her name) all the time Miewed to tell where she was at every instant.

Very nice post

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

I wish my kitties could go for a walk with me. They don't even want to meet anyone who comes inside the house.

Puss-in-Boots said...

If I'm out talking to someone, Oscar appears from wherever he has been sleeping to come and check them out. He's scared of missing out on something!

I'd love to see Mr Gattino and his white cat strolling down the street, what a lovely sight! No wonder people open their windows and doors and talk to them.

Very sociable Arthur.