Pookie the old lady has rediscovered her bed since the cleaning lady had put it besides the radiator in front of the window. So she has a nice place to watch what is going on outside.

It was my turn to receive our Scrabble group and Arthur is delighted. He loves when there are visitors and came immediately to sniff at them and say hello.

I had bought a roasted chicken on the market and as soon as I came home had taken it out from the bag and put it in the microwave. But apparently the smell remained in the bag and Arthur worked for half an hour trying to find at least a little chicken piece, he got it then in the evening.

Kim and Pookie like to sleep together on the sofa, Kim always waits for Mr. G. to sit down !

The sun was shining and Arthur took his first sunbath, or maybe the second or the third ...

Rosie looked for mousies in the hedge but couldn't find any gave up and came out.

and then they were enjoying the outside life !

After supper Arthur had a full belly, but had still checked if there was nothing left on the plate !

What a nice day says Rosie and stretches to full length !


Summer at sparklecat.com said...

It looks like all is well at your house!

pilch92 said...

I am so happy that Kim is so close with her Dad now. Good job finding your bed Pookie.

M Dawson said...

Oh Arthur did make me laugh. Poor lad, all the chicken had disappeared eh ? :-)