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Our little Lisa is really getting old. We have to prepare ourselves that she will leave us sooner or later. I hope it will be the latest possible. Lisa is now 18 years old. So far it all went quite well, she got on our nerves as usual sitting somewhere in the middle of the house and croaking loud without any reason. But even that she doesn't do anymore.

She is completely deaf now and I have to approach her so that she can see me and touch her carefully otherwise she is scared. She doesn't eat anymore or only a little. I try to give her all the things she loved in the past, but even that doesn't work. She also has diarrhera each time she eats a little. I have put a litterbox in the office which she has choosen as her room. During the nights I lock her in so she isn't bothered by the others.

Rosie who always tried to play with her tail or to attack her for playing, now goes around her in a big cercle. Even Pookie who always had hissed at her doesn't do it anymore either. It looks as if they feel that she is defenseless.


She mostly sleeps in her basket


sometimes she walks a little around and would sit with us in the living room.


her eye is running too. On this picture she looks fine, but she became very skinny. I don't want to stress her with running to the vet. As long as she doesn't suffer and leads her life as an old lady, I am happy. If ever she starts to suffer then I will call our vet. I want that she dies here in her house and nowhere else. I only hope it won't be too soon. I always tell myself that she had 18 years of a happy life without any worries.



Rosie spends her time with grooming to make a beauty out of herself


Arthur watches over the street on our neighbors little wall


and when he comes back (usually quite colorful) he tries to get white again !


Ydiana said...

Gattina, its 18 great years with you. You'll never know, it might hit 19 or 20 years. That will be awesome! Yes, nothing that the vet can do now, its the cycle of life. Cats come and go, but they're all special in their own ways!

Ebie said...

Hi Gattina, this is my first entry. I found this through Katz Tales and I hope to find a lot of information about cats. We adopted a cat about two months ago, and everyday is a learning and challenging experience for us.
You have an 18 year old but I don't know any information about our kitty.
Hopefully I will learn more.

Reese =^..^= said...

Eighteen years. That is wonderful. It's very good of you not to want to stress her. She will let you know when it's time. All of your kitties are sweet and I can tell, well loved.

claudie said...

I realise how Lisa has chance to live by you having the best last as good as possible. And the others of course are nice with her! 18 years old she lives with you every day. I won't write for COT this week but i will prepare a little report for next tuesday taking my time with the family cat!

Ellen Whyte said...

Oh gosh I know how you feel. My mum's Qwill is 17 years old this August and we're all so afraid he will become ill or have a bad time. Qwill is like Lisa in that he became rather old, picky about food and given to loud wailing in the middle of the night. But since January this year he's had a new lease of life. He's eating again, sparkly bright and very active. But like Lisa his eyes run and he looks a little thin.

You're right. When the time comes, call the vet and hold her paw. 18 good years is wonderful. let's hope she makes it to 19 or 20 wonderful years!

Ginger said...

Oh, how I empathize with you. I got my first cat when I was 12 (our dog died and Mother said no more dogs), and I had to have her put down when I was 32 (cancer). I have had other cats live to be 17 and 20. I just had to put my 20 year-old down in February due to kidney failure. The next day I went to the shelter and got my Minnie and Snowflake who are seen on the sidebar of my blog. I can not live without cats. I go on vacation today and don't even want to go now (even though the beach villa is just 20 minutes away).

Maribeth said...

I had one cat live to 18. She was my sweetie. Her name was Doti. She was a tuxedo cat.
Also I had a Siamese that lived to 15, his name was Smokey.
And lastly, Arthur looks lovely this morning

Unknown said...

Lisa is still quite the beauty for 18 years! It is hard watching them get older, it seems to go by so quickly. I try to avoid the vet with my Katy as well, she stresses out so much over a visit. Great pics of your pretty kitties. :)

TorAa said...

Lisa 18 year old is nothing but a significant proof she had stayed with cat-lovers.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh I so feel for you.. My tortie cat fluff lived to be a month short of 20 ans also got very thin and frail. It is so awful when we know that they are getting to the end of their lives, but this is the circle of life. As you say so long as she in not suffering, let her plod along. I think the other cats will sense that she needs space..

Thinkng of you..

Love Carol and GJ x

Ebie said...

Thanks Gattina for the the cat lesson. I got her the scratching post. I will check out the grass. I think our cat my is a mama cat and had kitties. She was so malnourished after our neighbor saw her for a week and finally when stucked in between the barb wires, they had to rescue her. She is very clean and no fleas so maybe we will go and see the Vet later. And she is an indoor cat. See you around next week.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yes, you can see Lisa is an elderly cat. I hope she goes peacefully when the time comes. It's sad waiting for it, isn't it? But, as you say, she's been with you for 18 years and she's had a good life.

Cezar and Léia said...

bonjour dear friend!
wow 18 years old!Fantastic!
I loved the pictures from Lisa,Arthur and Rosie.Love keeps everything better don't you think!
We are in Luxembourg and my mommy and sister Marina need now to learn how to speak French!I'm glad that "catese"is an universal cat language! :)
purrs and love
Greetings from Luxembourg
mommy Léia and Luna

Anonymous said...

Wow, age 18, Lisa is an elderly lady! It is sad to watch them age and become frail, but I hope that Lisa will be with you for a while longer. I'm sure she feels your love and has had a good life with you.

Parker said...

Mommy had a wonderful kitty who lived to be almost 22!

Milo and Alfie's Mom speaks: said...

Gattina, I know how hard it is to watch a beloved cat grow old. My beloved Henry (the siamese cat I had before Milo and Alfie) ived to be almost 20 years old but that last year he started ti lose his health; he went very thin, lost his appetite and mostly slept.
I am sure your Lisa has had a very happy life and has been and is truly loved ~ no cat could want more.
I hope she lives a lot longer ~ but when her time comes she will stay in your heart forever.

Milo and Alfie's Mom.