CATS ON TUESDAY - The old Lady

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Lisa is the first cat I have which by getting old becomes more and more difficult. Max and Piccola lived with me for 20 years and when they were old they slept a lot, loved to be cuddled and then they got kidney troubles and I had to say them good bye.

Lisa is now 17 and really a very bad old lady. She wakes me up several times during the night by yowling like an old pigeon, it has nothing to do with a meauw anymore. The pill against anxiety helped, but it is not easy at all to give it to her every day, because she became more and more suspicious and runs away when she only sees me. It really couldn't continue like that.

If I don't move and get up immediately she would start to make other loud noises than her cooing. She scratches at the door, or wardrobe or any other thing available and a few nights ago she attacked a plastic bag which I had left on the floor. I can tell you the noise woke me up and that's what I saw

Lisa pulling and biting at the bag until I switched the light on ! Meanwhile I had realized that the poor thing is completely deaf now and reacts only on light or vibrations. She had also started to poo in the house. I thought over and over what to do. Giving her these medication all the time was not a solution and didn't help for the pooing. So I imagined to be deaf not to be able to see in the dark anymore and maybe being attacked by her sisters. Probably I also would yowl for help.

So what I have done, I prepared Mr. Gattino's office as her private room during nights. There was already a basket in and a scratch post. I just added a small litter box only for her own use and a bowl with water and food. Before I go to bed I lock her in this room and apparently she loves it. It's now the 3rd night I haven't heard anything and she didn't damage anything either. She used the litter box and slept in her basket. The food bowl is empty in the morning when I open the door. Then she greets me and goes outside for a little walk and I put the litter box and food bowls away until she goes to bed again. During the day she shares her life as usual with the others. Wish me luck that it continues like that !

Rosie, Arthur and Pookie are doing their 24 h sleep because it is cold and wet outside.



Obsidian Kitten said...

What a wonderful solution to the dilemma!

Ydiana said...

Hi Gatinna

Looking at Lisa reminds me of my first cat when I was a child. She gave me 2 kittens, Tom and Peter. Blackie lived as long as I can remember and died of old age one day. My first grief of losing a pet. :(

Puss-in-Boots said...

It's so sad when a pet deteriorates the way Lisa has. But still, you seem to have hit upon the ideal solution and if she is happy with it, then it's all to the good.

MaR said...

I'd love to have my own suite and a little buffet when I am old too!
Hope this is a long-term solution for both of you :)

Luna und Luzie said...

If this is the solution it would be great!!! Poor Lisa unfortunately she ca not tell us what she want.

Arhtur and Rosie are cute sleeping together on the bed. We have that Ikea ginger cat too ;o)

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Dearest Gattina,
even it's not that easy, but I am glad Liza and you work out well already 3 nights~!! I pray and purr that it will work out longer at least for a while~! I am so glad that you finally find a way and you are willing finding ways~!! You are a good mommy.

Sorry that I only could gives you prayers, I haven't raise any really old cat and Adan gonna be my very first one~! So I am learning from you. I will give you support on comments, and also pray for Liza' too.
She loves you but she can't control something already, that what I thought. But I know it will work out.

Best Wishes to you and Liza

Mo said...

well, I think your Lisa is one of THE prettiest cats I've ever seen, and I sure hope the new 'suite' is a long-term solution for you both!

Anonymous said...

Whew, we are all relatively healthy and I have made it back again. This week Mr. Dubbie is in the spotlight.

I have had several cats like Lisa, who seem to lose their way as they age. Sounds like you came up with a great solution for her and for you.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found a solution to help Lisa. It is a little harder living with an old cat and sometimes you have to be creative!

Mamapippa ... said...

Glad you found a solution !
Our cats (Pippa and Floris) are 13 and 15 years old.

Irishcoda said...

Awwww, I started out thinking oh poor Lisa and now am thinking she is fortunate to have you, you thought up such a considerate and loving solution to the problem! :)

catsynth said...

It looks like you found a way to make everyone happy.

We are featuring an "old lady" this week, too. But she's checking out some techno music toys.

kuanyin333 said...

So happy you found a solution for Lisa! Yay! I only pray this doesn't happen to Anela...don't know if I would be as patient as you! :-)

Elin said...

What a coincidence...i wrote about my 17-years old brother too in my blog...

poor old cat!

Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

That is a great idea! I am not old or deaf, but I get scared at night in hotel rooms and start yowling too. (Normally I have a sweet voice and don't talk much, but our kittymommy is Siamese, so I can really yowl if I feel like it.) Mommy started leaving the bathroom light on. So now I am not scared and don't yowl and we all go to sleep!


P.S. A zillion years ago, you asked about USA kitties and strollers. We meant to post a blog about it, but forgot and then we never answered you. We only go out on a leash or in a stroller because we live on a very busy street in a large town. It is not safe for us here to be outside alone. We use the leash to go outside around our condo and the stroller to go to the park with our woofie. We think that rural and kitties get to go out more on their own.