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Last wednesday was my day ! I had to drive Mr. Gattino to the hospital for his Carotide surgerey and Rosie to the vet, because for 2 days she had thrown up water ! I was very worried as you can easily imagine.

Rosie sitting unhappy behind grids !

She wasn't used to the car at all and I had a meauw concert the whole way long ! My poor nerves !

Fortunately we were the first once and could go in right away. After having checked her trough and through, the vet said she had a stomac infection and gave her two shots. I was relieved and we returned home. I let her out of her prison and she meauwed a little less on the way back.

At home she found immediately a new napping place. Meanwhile she is fine, eats again and puts her mousies around the food bowls.

This morning the Doctor came for Mr. Gattino, who instead of staying one week in hospital asked for going home after 4 days already ! Now I am the hospital. Arthur was very pleased about this unexpected visit and of course had to check what the doctor carried in his bag !

was there anything underneath ?

perhaps on the other side ?

After a last check up on the bag, he finally went away, disappointed !

Disappointed he jumped on the table for a little wash and joined Rosie who was checking on birds.


Anonymous said...

I'm so very happy that all went well at the vet's.
There is nothing worse than one of our babies getting sick.
Happy COT
Love Claudie from Canada


I am also happy the vet visit went
well. I hope Rosie and Mr. Gattino
are on the mend now! Arthur looks
like he like company so he can snoop
and be nosy! ♥ Jewelgirl

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wow, both Rosie and Mr Gattino. You've had your hands full, Gattina. Glad to hear they are both on the mend.

Arthur rather likes doctors' bags doesn't he? I can't get over the doctor actually coming to your home. They don't do that any more here. And I haven't seen a doctor carry one of those black bags for years! How times change without us realising.

Ellen Whyte said...

Two doctor visits sounds stressful. Trust Mr Gattino didn't cry all the way in the car like Rosie :-) You've got a doctor who pays housecalls? I'm moving to Belgium!

Luna und Luzie said...

I hope everyone is doing better in your home, Gattina!
Poor Rosie I can imagine how she cried in the car.

So nice to see the courious Arthur checking out the doctors bag.

Nun sind wir hier krank. Wir haben einen Virusinfekt.

The Activist said...

Sorry Mr. Gattino and Rosie: hope you are both alright now

Arthur our dear boy getting down to curioustiy business

Tink said...

Bags are so interesting, they must be inspected from all sides! :) I'm glad Rosie is okay.

Mo said...

Glad to hear Rosie is okay and back at home (the mister, too!) - good thing Arthur is there to lift their spirits, huh?!

(BTW, this is my first time playing along....I did all I was supposed to, I think, except the "linkBlitz" thing, and that's only 'cause I'm not sure HOW??! I'll work at figuring it out tho, and I hope its okay to participate in the meantime...)

Have a great week, everyone!

Mamapippa ... said...

Real cute cats !

Unknown said...

Glad to hear everyone is on the mend...I know you have had your hadns full! Those pics of Arthur are too cute...lucky he didn't climb in and go home with the dr. LOL.

catsynth said...

Glad to hear that everyone, human and feline, is doing well after the doctor visits.

Luna says hi to Rosie and Aurthur.

catsynth said...
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catsynth said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that Rosie and Mr. Gattino are both on the mend! When one of my girls goes to the vet she gets sniffed all over when she gets home!

kuanyin333 said...

I like happy endings, and this story had one!

TorAa said...

So nice to see them in full activity

Paula said...

I am so glad Rosie is better. That is scary for you to have Rosie and Mr. Gattino ill at the same time.
I hope he gets well soon!
I am glad you have Doctors that come to your house to see Mr. Gattino. It is a rare thing here to see a Doctor make a house visits now.
About 30 or 40 years ago they used to make house visits, now they don't. It is sad for the patients here really.

FloDawn said...

Glad to know Rosie & Mr.G are recovering :)
Arthur has the cutest behind hehehehe... Wish I can hug him *sigh*

Anonymous said...

VETS? You were taken to da vets? What was your Mom thinking of? It pays to huff a fur ball in the car, or put da bitey on her when you're being forced into the cage - then she'll know better next time!