Can't do selfies, had to go to the vet and my eyes look awful !

Youpie !! My selfie is done

Now give me the treat !!


Usually it's always Arthur who sits or sleeps besides the ceramic cat, but now it's Rosie's turn. I thought I should paint one of them as a tuxi, so she has a twin sister !

For the moment nothing special happened, I think they all recover from the heat wave. Rosie since I was away is always talking or sleeping besides me when I watch TV. I don't remember what she whispered or shouted in my ear on this picture !

Arthur had chosen the coolest places in the house, his preference was the top of my car in the garage !

Unfortunately he didn't support the heat very well although he tried to lay in the shade, he got a sunburn on his ears which were full of  crusts and his ears looked real dirty. On top of this his eyes started to water and when it dried his eyes were surrounded by a black thick line ! He didn't let me clean it, he started to run away when he only saw me with a tissue and the special lotion I had to clean his eyes.

Finally I decided to take him to a vet. Not to the usual one, because she is too soft and didn't want to treat him and on purpose ! Therefore I went to a vet clinic in Waterloo and thought there will be one vet to treat Arthur. First we, Mr. G. and I had to put him in the carrier ! Mr. G. held the carrier and I tried to push the struggling Arthur inside. With his four paws he stemmed himself against the grids, I had to take his paws of, my arms and hands were scratched, but finally he was inside ! We were both breathless and red in our faces and I was already exhausted !

In the car he sang a bit, but then stopped because he could watch the street and in fact he loves to drive in a car but not in the carrier.

We were a bit early and I put Arthur on a bench so that he could look out of the window. Which he did. He had calmed down and behaved real good !

He didn't even care about the dogs who came in and wanted to sniff at him, the cars outside were more interesting. But then he met the vet a young woman, when she tried to approach the cage, he started to behave like a wild tiger, all teeth and claws out, the hairs up the tail doubled and he pushed out terrible screams which made me think of a Hitchcock movie ! No way to treat him, she had to sedate him and I should come back in two hours.

I went home, rather worried and two hours later I picked up Arthur. He had heard my voice and meowed loud ! I payed and he stopped meowing I put him in the car and let him out of the cage ! Was he a happy cat, he immediately went behind and looked out he was again my brave, good old Arthur. Because old he is ! 17 now !

The first thing he did when we arrived home, he stormed in the kitchen and emptied his bowl  !

The vet had done a full job ! Not only had she cleaned ears and eyes, but also pulled out two teeth which were rotten and had given him an antibiotic shot.

For the moment he is very quiet, eats like  horse and is still the one who makes the rules in this house at least with Mr. G. !


Erin the Cat Princess said...

Oh my, what a week and adventure you had with the heat and with Arthur. Thank goodness the vet did a full job and treated everything AND pulled some teeth, too. I think Arthur does deserve his place on the sofa after all that, AND extra treats too—especially as he is 17!

The Chair Speaks said...

Arthur, old man, has such an interesting character. Purrs and hugs!

Dash Kitten Crew said...

Oh my ARTHUR you are a paw full of trouble!!

The J-Cats said...

My goodness, poor Arthur, having to put up with all that at the V-E-T's! We hope he got LOTS of treats once he was safely back home!

Timmy Tomcat said...

That is quite the week for Arthur. We are very glad he got everything done all at once which is important for an older cat. He should be good to go for adventure now and we like how he tells Mr G where to sit. A cat must rule his castle

meowmeowmans said...

That was quite an ordeal, going to the vet clinic! We are glad Arthur is all cleaned up now, and back at home (and eating)!

Summer said...

Wow, that vet did a lot of work for Arthur in a couple of hours! It sounds like he is already feeling lots better.

Catscue Catmom said...

Sounds like a lot is going on this week at your house! I'm glad Arthur is home and doing well.

pilch92 said...

Poor Arthur. I am amazed they did all that in 2 hours and he wanted to eat when he got home.

Photo Cache said...

Dear ARthur, how you are well now and that your dental visit did not linger long.

Emma and Buster

Tamago said...

It would be fun to paint the ceramic cat as taxi :-)
Dear Arthur, I hope he won’t have to go to the vet for a very long time!