This time I got it right ! You are allowed to publish !

How can I make a selfie if you put these apples around me ??

You see that was far too close, that's rather a macro of my nose !

I had been away for 5 days in Amsterdam, to keep an eye on Grandson Toby. But when I came back the heat here was really terrible, we are not used at all to these temperatures. We had up to 37°C (99 F) and that of course without air condition !

The cats looked for cool places outside in our garden.

Rosie in the shade on the tiles, but before she had a little drink, I had put a basin outside for other animals too. Our grass is not green anymore but yellow !

Sometimes they gather around the garden shed

which Rosie likes very much when the shade is there of course

Arthur prefers the bark, or rather the plastic underneath, because he had digged some holes !

and Kim hasn't changed ! She is every single day at the same place and only moves when the sun arrives in the afternoon.

I will be away for 3 weeks doing a big round trip through the Northern countries. The cats will be as usual spoiled by Mr. G.

And this is my trip in a comfortable Bus.

My cats will give their news when I come back end August ! 

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