CAT NEWS January 6

I think my cats didn't really realize that it had been Christmas and New Year, because we didn't have turkey or other  meat, but shushis and gnocchis which were not really for them. They didn't care either of the Christmas decoration and no angel or father Christmas was damaged not even a ball !

Only at the end Arthur discovered a garland which hang on the floor and started to swing it around !
(The voice you hear was from the television a fight between a Russian couple, to Christmas music !!)

Of course he also had to help Toby to unpack the new Pokemon school bag he got (Toby not Arthur)
in which he tried to get in, but without success and under protest of Toby.

I needed a model for different memes and when Arthur is in good mood he is perfect for that. So he posed for "yellow" and for "pen".

Each evening I have the same view ! Mr. G. sharing the sofa with three cats. Rosie prefers to sleep or on my lap or behind my head on the sofa.

Mostly Kim is squatting Mr. G's lap, now she wants to be brushed and petted non stop and meows with her little baby voice until she gets what she wants !

She loves to sleep in the chair, and allowed me to scratch her under her chin ! What a change to the autistic cat !!

Kim also looks for company and sleeps here together with Rosie. What else should they do, it is cold outside !

My view on Arthur when he is meditating in front of the radiator !

And then we also had one day snow ! This isn't Arthur, but a statue, although I first thought it was him ! The cats were shocked when they saw the white stuff outside and none went out. Arthur just put a paw in the snow, turned around and ran back in the warm house like a flash !


Hannah and Lucy said...

We haven't had any snow up to now this year (Mum says thank goodness!!).

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Yay for kitty snuggles and warm houses!

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

How nice to see Kim enjoying herself!

The Swiss Cats said...

You're so brave for having put one paw in the white wet stuff ! Purrs, Pixie

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Great photos. Arthur is too funny meditating at the radiator. I am so glad Kim is so friendly now.

Photo Cache said...

We thought that was Arthur, glad you mentioned it wasn't him right away.

Emma and Buster

Linens and Royals said...

Mr G. is so kind to the cats. Shibella and I are both pleased all the year end festivities are over. Shibella is a bit worried about snow but I tell her she will never have to see any unlike Arthur, Rosie, Kim and Pookie.

The Indulged Furries said...

Arthur really got that garland swinging.
The kitties all have such cozy spots to sleep in. They're very lucky to have such a wonderful home.

Dash Kitten said...

Oh my CAT, we thought that last one was Arthur too! Mum was sat there going Oh myyyyyy then she realised * phew *

Happy Sunday Selfie!!