Twice this week when I got up I stepped with my naked foot in cat vomit. I don't know who it was but as a wake up I didn't appreciate at all, especially because I had to scamper like a rapid on one foot to the bathroom to clean my foot !

Besides that I had to pick up twice a bloody mouse corpse, one in my room and one in the bathroom. This is the joy of having cats.

It had been very hot during the weekend, and wherever I looked I saw this scene ...

Except Kim who slept on the warm armchair the others stretched out on the cool tiles.

Through Facebook (for once it was useful) I had found a pedicure. She did such a nice job that I wanted to thank her and asked Arthur to be my background, because my foot alone wouldn't have looked nice. He was sleepy so I could do what I wanted.

It cooled down and they are all out, laying on the terrace or discussing who sleeps on the warm bark

Arthur won and spent the whole day there, just interrupting for meals.

Pookie stays inside and slept on the garden cushions, she only goes on the terrace when I am there. Now she needs a body guard because she doesn't hear anything anymore.

So the week went by without major happenings.


pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Your poor kitties have all melted. Nice pedicure, I love getting those. Pookie is such a cutie, she is smart to stay indoors.

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

No mouse corpses here... I am a terrible hunter.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Did Arthur agree to let you rest your feet on his white coat Gattina?

Linens and Royals said...

I think Kim is OK but have you checked the other 3 cats to see if they are still breathing? Spread out like that they look as if they might be-whisper here (dead).

Photo Cache said...

Just too hot everywhere nowadays. Stay cool gang.

Emma and Buster

Debra Taylor said...

really cute photos! and I love the caption "where was the lens again?

Debby in Arizona