The day had come again which I feared the most ! Taking Kim to the groomer ! What a hunt ! From her sleeping place I have to chase her (although she runs away from alone when she sees me) to the living room. Then I close the doors, only escape is the kitchen and the basement where the carrier is waiting. She runs in the kitchen, I close the door, she runs down the steps to the basement, where I had already closed all doors, so she was trapped in the staircase ! With a lot of screaming and struggling I finally manage to put her in the carrier and close the door. In the car she says nothing.

Arrived at the groomer I am exhausted while Kim sits purring and making pasta on the table and lets herself brush and turn around in all directions ! What a strange cat !

The next day I had to return with Pookie, as she doesn't go out often anymore her claws had grown and she got stuck everywhere. She is an angel, she only meows a little in the carrier, says nothing at the groomer and sits on the back seat on the way back. I don't need the carrier with her.

Freshly pedicured she rested from her adventure close to the radiator.

Arthur becomes round and rounder, as Pookie has to eat often and I put water in her food for her kidneys,  he thinks that he has to eat often too, sometimes he meditates for a long time sitting in front of the bowl "to eat or not to eat". Mostly he eats.

Rosie's favorite place is sitting on top of the sofa and watch birds through the French windows. At least it is warm and besides magpies, crows and pigeons there is nothing to catch for her size.

Or they continue their hibernation.


The Chair Speaks said...

Hahaha, well, you can take it this way. Kim makes you exercise to become healthy and strong. Wow, Arthur is getting fatter which makes it nicer to hug! Purrs and hugs from all of us!

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

That's so funny that Kim makes such a big deal of going to the groomers, but once she's there she enjoys herself. Lucky for the groomer!

Linens and Royals said...

Well done Kim. Shibella has not yet been to the groomer as I fear for my life.

Hannah and Lucy said...

What a big pile of fur on the floor at the groomers and Kim looked so calm sitting there. Hannah and Lucy have never been to a groomer - Lucy is short haired and doesn't need to. Hannah has the home groomer (ME!!) and I am only allowed to do a couple of snips with the scissors before she moves out of reach!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Photo Cache said...

Those fur on the floor are they all from Kim? Wow!

Emma and Buster

The Swiss Cats said...

Kim, you drive your mom nuts and then act like an angel : well done MOL ! Purrs

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Kim, you are so funny.

The Indulged Furries said...

Kim really must dislike the carrier to give you so much trouble and then be so cooperative at the groomer's. Too bad Arthur's extra food doesn't come with extra exercise. Rosie has a very comfy window seat.

Maribeth said...

I always love Kim's visit to be groomed. My goodness, the fur! Arthur becomes more handsome with age, and little Rosie, still a sweetie.
Anneliese and Greta both are ill with kidney infections. So I am on pill duty with them.
Mandy's baby boy is due any time. If he does not come by Monday March 7th, Quinn will be delivered by cesarean.
I am packed and ready to go and take care of Savannah, and meet the new little man in my life.

Donna said...

Awww...I just love all the kitties!

Dash Kitten said...

Oh you did make us laugh with your chase!!! I am glad they are all doing OK though!