Sometimes I have the impression to live in a retirement home ! Especially now in winter.

Arthur the "man" of the house is hanging around in the kitchen to check what is for lunch and supper on the menu plan. Or just observes what I am doing.

He also waits for me when I am away for shopping to check out that I have brought some eatable items with me.

And in the evenings he lays around with my camera case (when it's available) or has his nose stuck in the radiator.

Pookie I can really compare to an old "eat and sleep" resident of a retirement home. She waits for breakfast, then she checks in the kitchen and meows for a second, third and fourth breakfast. Then she lays down in Mr. G.'s office and as she can't hear anymore waits for any vibrations direction kitchen. Then she would sit there and meow for several lunches and the whole thing is repeating in the evening for supper.

Kim spends her days on various sleeping places, here she lays on my place but as soon as I show up she runs away.

Rosie the youngest is not better since there are no birds and mousies around due to the rain, and she hates when her fur coat is wet, also sleeps in various places. This morning she did what she had never done, she woke me up by biting in my toe !! Now I am offended for the whole day !


Summer at sparklecat.com said...

MOL! I'm not sure the cats would appreciate being compared to retirement home residents!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We just love your camera case Gattina. There must be a long queue for breakfast, lunch and dinner at your house.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Marilia Bavaresco said...

MOL! I love your pictures!
Have a nice Tuesday!

Christy Paws said...

If being a retirement home resident means you are waited on hand and foot, then I'm in. Speaking of feet -- watch those toes.

The Swiss Cats said...

What a cute camera case ! Purrs

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I think retirement home residents are more active :) Kim sounds like Snowball, she runs from us too.