Arthur is unhappy ! It rains, nobody is out and he is bored !

I gave him a mouse to play with, but without result, he didn't even open his eyes and finally pushed it away !

But when it came to supper time he stole a whole sushi from Mr. G's plate, quick like a flash and ate it all on the carpet of course. The tiles were probably too cold for him !

I did some hard work with Rosie ! I tried to make selfies of her alone.  Impossible, she refused to push on the button to shoot the picture and I had to do it for her, with the result that we are both on her selfie !

Most of her time she lays on the top of the sofa, she has chosen this place a few weeks ago and naps and grooms up there. I have to wait that she chooses an other place, otherwise I will always have the same pictures !

After ignoring her cat fountain, Pookie found another water source ! She finally discovered  a bowl in the bathroom which apparently was big enough for her needs !

Now she drinks from there since a few days. And today hurrah, was the first day she didn't meow the whole morning ! Try to understand cats ! 


Katnip Lounge said...

You need to hire a toddler for Arthur!

Summer said...

Whatever makes Pookie happy! I don't think Arthur stole the sushi - I think one of them just had his name on it!

The Chair Speaks said...

Arthur gets wide awake when there's food?!! LOL!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Tell Arthur we're bored with the rain too - the second day with still no let up despite the weather forecaster (or guesser) saying it was dry! Rosie must have wanted a picture of the two of you.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Vanessa Morgan said...

Lots of nice pictures today. So funny that the cat stole a sushi :-)

Linens and Royals said...

I hope the other cats drink from the cat fountain or you will have to demand your money back. Now you are stuck with a big bowl of water in the bathroom. And I am stuck with a bowl of water in the bedroom, the laundry and the kitchen all for one cat.

meowmeowmans said...

Arthur, you ate some of Mr. G's sushi? We don't blame you ... we think it is delicious, too.

Nice selfies, Rosie and Gattina!

We like Pookie's water bowl. Whatever works for her, right?

Hello to Kim, wherever she is hiding!