I had discovered a new feature on my computer ! It takes pictures !

So I caught Arthur to make a "selfie" of us, he wasn't very happy and struggled to get out of my arms, but I managed to take this picture !

Rosie my little sheep, found that the grass had an especially good taste, she ate and then went inside to barf on a carpet ! Why don't cats barf on tiles ?

Still enjoying the good weather she sat under the garden table and did bird watching !

Arthur discovered his talent as acrobat and climbed on the little cat statue, he often even uses it as napping place, which looks rather funny one cat sleeping on the top of another !

Our week without Mr. G. went by without any problems, Arthur ate bravely his cat food.
On Sunday evening Mr. G. came back from Amsterdam and was very disappointed that no cat was there to great him. When I had picked him up his only worry was "how are the cats" ? I could have had a heart attack, this was more important.

He was happy to be home his holidays in Italy had been quite stressing. And then ... there was no cat !

Arthur showed up AFTER supper, which is a miracle, and then found his favorite TV watching place on Mr. G's lap. They both were happy !

My friend Ilona had given me this cute little wallet. Pookie loved it too and used it as cushion.

As my cats enjoy a very good appetite, my stock was empty and I had to buy their menus, each cats eat different food !

I went to buy their different brands. The Belgian football fever for the World Cup in Brazil had even affected the cat food ! On Arthur's favorite food was a Rosie with a football and a little football inside the box !

Rosie doesn't like football and disappeared.

Old lady Pookie wanted to show that she is still fit to run behind a ball, but I could only catch a paw. Arthur wasn't impressed by the ball and continued his nap, and Mr. G. doesn't like football either, for the moment we feel like outsiders ! (More about the Belgian Football team craziness and merchandising here.)


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I hate it when my human tries to take selfies with her computer too! And okay, I will answer your question about us throwing up grass - if you were feeling queasy, would you rather throw up sitting on hard tile or comfy carpet? There you go!

Katnip Lounge said...

I love the selfie! Arthur looks so rumpled, hee hee.

Too funny about Mr G. at the airport...my husband is the exact same way.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Mommy says she would much rather we barf on the carpet than on her keyboard! MOL.

Linens and Royals said...

So the cats are now models! Rosie poses on packets of cat food, Arthur is a selfie model and Pookie has a lookalike wallet. Only Kim is missing.
Of course cats have to barf on carpets. They need to dig their claws in to get traction, they would slip about on tiles and that would be no fun at all.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Ooops - we entered our name on the wrong list - hope this makes it right!!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

meowmeowmans said...

That selfie is funny! Arthur looks like he wants to be done, for sure. :)

We do not know why cats always want to barf on the carpet, and not the tile. This happens at our house, too.

Mr. G. missing the cats so much is very sweet.

Barbara said...

That wallet does look like it was modelled on Pookie! Pepper does the same thing as Rosie ref eating grass then coming inside to vomit, I have no idea why she usually chooses the carpet either. I get through a lot of carpet cleaning spray. I haven't seen any of those football packs of Felix, I'm sure Pepper would like the toy, although we're with Arthur and Mr G in not liking football. Thankfully our house is a completely football-free zone as David doesn't like it either :-) Why is it cats always assume the same expression when you try to take a pic of them with you? None of them can wait to get away - LOL!

Splendid Little Stars said...

fun selfie!
Why can't they barf outside?! Unfortunately rugs do seem the preferred location.
My husband is a football fanatic!