One morning when I woke up and opened the stores, Rosie jumped on the dresser what she had never done, while Pookie meowed for breakfast besides my bed.

and they both stared towards the window. I wondered why and when I got up I saw a Daddy long leg spider sitting on the white curtains ! A German proverb says that spiders in the morning bring worries and grief ! How nice !

Arthur lost his collar in a Waterloo battle and I had to buy a new one. This time I choose a Scottish pattern ! He looks very elegant !

Ever since I had moved my desk under the window and do Google street watch, I saw Arthur sitting on the Neighbor's little wall talking with a magpie ! And they had a loud conversation ! Arthur croaked like a frog and the Magpie screamed like a hysterical woman ! I was a little worried because Magpies can be dangerous for cats they attack them, but looking at croaking Arthur it finally flew away.

Rosie has become a stalker ! We watched TV one evening and felt observed. It was Rosie looking through the window !


  1. WE would like to eat that magpie!

  2. Rosie was just keeping an eye on you!

  3. Rosie's just making sure you aren't packing your suitcase again!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Green goes so well with white furs. :)
    It seems almost too funny to imagine a magpie attacking a cat.

  5. I am pleased I have never heard of that German Proverb or I would have worry and grief forever with all my spiders.
    Love your tartan collar Arthur, looks good with your white fur, try not to lose it.

  6. The cats are good at hunting the insects. Whenever they stare I always pay attention because usually they see something I should know about.

  7. That magpie better watch out -- he looks sort of tasty!

    Good job tracking that spider, Rosie and Pookie. We like to do that, too.

    We like Arthur's collar very much!

  8. What gorgeous cats.
    Rosie looks like she is wearing a 'Batman' mask, sweet.

    Heather >^..^<


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