Rosie had seen that the world outside had become completely white, and was very upset about it !

Finally she decided to play with her inside mousies and throw them in the air and jumped around like a little kangaroo ! Then she decided to chase Arthur a little bit, but he went away and she stood there wondering how he disappeared. During the night she had collected her mousies again around the food bowls in the kitchen and Pookie wasn't happy to find a green mouse in her dry food !

Arthur had a completely other reaction. When I opened the French doors to get in some fresh air before closing the shutters, he went outside to overlook the white scenery, but didn't put a paw in the snow.

The next morning he gathered all his courage and went outside to test the snow ! He realized that it was very soft to walk and he took the opportunity to dig a little hole to do his business and was quiet happy that he could cover it so easily, but then he hurried back into the house !

and warmed up his cold botty against the radiator

in the evening he was so kind and warmed my lap while we were watching TV !

Pookie does a 24 h sleeping marathon with a few interruption just to change from bed to sofa or the other way around.

Please don't forget to visit each other ! 


The Chair Speaks said...

Arthur must have done his business in the snow at super speed otherwise his butt would freeze! Hahaha! He is a brave one! Purrs!

Princess and Maxi said...

One day the cats and I want to experience snow. It's always hot here, we only have hot and humid, or hot and wet...the coldest we get is 16 celcius and that's because its the lowest setting in our airconditioned home hehe! If I was there, I'll be like Pookie too..all curled up and cosy :)

Barbara said...

Pookie looks so comfortable... Mrs P is like her and stays on the sofa. Charlie and Pepper are in and out of the snow all the time!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Hahaha! Looking at Arthur's face after his toilet in the snow made us laugh and laugh! It sure looked like his butt got a little frozen. LOL!

Lazey said...

Too funny. My Pout loves to do his business outside, especially on the edge of the neighbor's yard then makes a big deal out of burying it and running away.

Sparkle said...

Figures Arthur would want to do his business out in the snow! I'm more with Rosie - I would be upset to see all that white stuff!

Mr Puddy said...

Arthur, I couldn't believe you dropped your butt on top of snow !
How do you feel right now, dude ?

Luna und Luzie said...

Dear Gattina,

we want to say thanks again for the kind and comforting comment.
It´s hard to believe but we try to come back to normal here without sweet Luna though we miss her so much.

Arthur looks good in the lots of snow there.
Our boys don´t like the snow but they had a walk with me and the dog early in the morning. Now they all fall asleep in the warm room.

*Happy Tuesday*

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Rosie is the smart one! Our cats are all strictly indoor cats. I prefer warm to cold any day!

We love LUNA said...

Hello dear Gattina and cat friends!
It's so nice to see the princess Rosie playing with the mouse, I also like this game but for a short moment because I have important things to do like go to mommy's bed here and take a nap! MOL
I'm impressed with Arthur!I confess I couldn't face the snow. In fact, I've alredy tried it but I didn't like the snow!Anyway I'm always curious about it, so I like to see the view by my window.
You have a beautiful view there and I love your pictures!
*** by the way, I hope my link now is working corretly.
purrs, love and Happy Cat on Tuesday!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Arthur you have my admiration because I hate the stuff and dont go anywhere near it. You all keep warm now. Hugs
GJ xx

catsynth said...

Interesting how the different cats see the snow so differently. It's fun watching Arthur play "white-on-white" in the snow, but we would probably be more with Rosie and stay indoors ;)

Hannah and Lucy said...

We have flatly refused to step outside in the snow.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

meowmeowmans said...

Arthur, you are so brave to go outside, and to actually do your business in that snow! We agree with Rosie, Pookie (and we hope Kim, too) ... stay inside in the warmth! :)

Ellen Whyte said...

Hibernation time. Do keep safe indoors you fluffs; it looks FREEZING cold!