Poor Arthur was sick. He didn't eat very well and lost weight. Mr. G. took him to the vet. Arthur had a gum inflamation, that's why he couldn't eat. He behaved very badly at the vet, hissing, scratching and yowling, then he escaped from the table and they had to chase him around the room until finally they got him. Our brave vet lady was very surprised that Arthur was so aggressiv, he had always been such a good cat with her. I think it is due to the bad experiences he had when another cat had bitten him in the tail and he almost lost it.

Now he is back to his old self, played with my scarf and pulled out some fringes !

He also goes out again, especially when Mr. G. comes home, he follows him like a little dog but before he has to check what is going on on the street of course.

I had changed the decoration of my season basket, the Christmas stuff is gone and Miss Rosie had to check if it looked nice. Arthur, always curious, had to put his nose in there too.

Pookie has a new napping place, which doesn't make me happy, it's on the stove ! I am worried that she will jump on it when it's still hot. But apparently she only sleeps there when there are no pots. Otherwise she prefers Mr. G's bed.

Kim has a new job. She is our doormat ! Since a few weeks she sleeps at the entrance, when she is not outside. I really don't know why, because it is not an especially comfortable place.

Rosie too wonders why Kim is sitting there.

For the moment Rosie has bitten off all tails from her toy mousies and drops them in the water bowl ! The mouse she puts besides the bowl ! I think I should find her a job in a circus.


Sparkle said...

I am glad that Arthur is feeling better - it sounds like he was really hurting!

I like Rosie's trick with the mousies!

The Chair Speaks said...

Poor Arthur! Glad he's better.
On the street beside the car, he looks like he is getting into position to...you-know-what...to deposit...
Did he?

We love Luna said...

Dear Gattina,
I'm so worried about Arhtur, I'm sending to him good energies of love.I hope he can be fine soon.
But I think it's positive that he is going out again with Mr. G.
Your new flowers decoration is wonderful and Rosie is a doll posing in these pictures!
And now I think I will do the same that Pookie , I will going for a good nap!
Hugs , purrs and love
( and mommy Léia )

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh Arthur, we are glad your gums are good again!
We all choose strange places to hang out, and sometimes we trade off spots. Mommy gets used to us sleeping in "our" spots, and then we confuse her!
heh heh.

Whisppy said...

Poor little Arthur. What a relief that he is back to his normal self! I love the way you decorate your home. And it's always so beautifully done. I am happy to read that Rosie, Pookie and Kim are all doing well as well. :)

PS/ I'm sorry for not commenting or blogging for a while. Can't seem to get out of the holiday mood! LOL.

Linens and Royals said...

So sorry to hear about your sore gum Arthur but very pleased you are now much better.
Pookie you could always come and sleep on my stove, I rarely use it.
Kim are you trying to scare Gattina's friends away by guarding the door like that? Even Rosie looks worried.

Carla said...

Love how Arthur holds his tail high! So, handsome! Rosie's just getting you back for moving her mousies, and looks like Kim is loosing it. But she looks really good doing it:).

Au and Target said...

Poor Arthur, I'm glad he's better. And what on earth is Kim guarding? Pookie does like to live dangerously. My mum has a ceramic stove and so far her cat hasn't burned her paws, nor did Qwill, her kitty who passed away a few weeks ago. Guess some cats can be sensible.

Marie said...

So glad to hear that Arthur is doing better! We have kitties who put their toys in the water bowl too -- I'm always finding "stuff" in there :-)

I've been gone for ages but am trying to get back to blogging regularly. Would love to have you come visit my post about William the Orange.

Softpencil said...

Poor Arthur... very glad he is better now!
And Rosie, Pookie and Kim are always so cute! :)

meowmeowmans said...

Poor Arthur! We are glad you are feeling better. Rosie, good thing you are there to supervise Gattina in her decorating; you are doing a fine job. Pookie, do be careful not to go up there when the stove is on, okay? And Kim, why do you lay right there by the door? We really want to know, because our Sammy does the same thing...

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! :)