Since the weather is so bad, wet and cold and only once in a blue moon the sun decides to make a hole in the clouds and gives us some light, I stated that I don't have enough legs.

When you are owned by 3 lap keen cats, (the fourth prefers wet and cold grass) you should have at least 4 legs. In my case not 6, because Pookie and Rosie would never sleep side by side.

But as nature gifted me with only two pairs of legs the rule counts : The first gets the place first.

Mostly Rosie the little bitch wins. She has 1000 of tricks in her fur pocket to fool Arthur and chase away Pookie.

When Arthur from time to time manages to sleep on my lap, and kneads pasta on my leg (above left) he also must be in a very tender mood. Otherwise he too prefers to sleep on beds or in wardrobes.

But when he finally settles down, he also wants scratches behind his ears and I manged to do so with my left while I shot the pictures with my right hand. I am becoming ingenious.

As the temperature rose, Arthur thought spring had started and I saw him climbing on the neighbor's garden shed roof, watching over the neighborhood, his favorite occupation.
unfortunately "spring" didn't last long and it started to rain so he returned home and

kept me company in the kitchen. How can I cut zucchinis and avoid a paw ?? I found the solution, I asked Mr. G. to cut the vegetables and Arthur went away when he realized that it wasn't meat.

Pookie doesn't know what to do with herself for the moment. In the mornings she runs around in the house like crazy, hides under the rugs and jumps on the beds and then she is K.O for the rest of the day.

One morning I found Rosie like that, and later I knew why, my right slipper apparently had shrinked over night and I couldn't get my foot in, because she had hidden one of her mousies inside !


Boo-Bah said...

I love the pictures of Arthur enjoying his scratches behind the ears. Rosie and her mousies, it's really funny how she sticks them in her water and now your slippers.

Au and Target said...

Sounds like the indoor life is turning everyone a little eccentric. I like Arthur's insistence on being a kitchen cat.

Mr Puddy said...

Rosie, I like the girl who has a lot of tricks :)

Arthur, Your photos on the roof are so cool !!! Especially in Winter !

Pookie, Exercise is the best !


Puss-in-Boots said...

I know the feeling about not having enough legs and I only have two cats. But they sometimes have a bit of cat slapping so I shoo them both off and then I can read my book in peace!

Linens and Royals said...

So blissful Arthur, you look so contented. Perhaps Rosie is too busy with her mousies and hasn't notoiced you getting all the attention.

Luna and Luzie said...

So cute the Arthur Collage !!!
Rosie remind me to a dog lying there with the shoes!
Its fun to see her playing with the mousies. Our cats don´t play with toy mousies but with real .

*Happy Tuesday*

We love Luna said...

Wow so cute pictures today!
I love Arhtur's collage, looks so good there!
The weather is awful here, after the snow we got lots of rain!
well...time for another nap!

A and Y Ikeda said...

And how about doing a human sandwich? A cat on each side? Then even those who normally never pass up a fight can be happy.
Thus speaketh the center of a human sandwich right this moment :-)

Maribeth said...

Ah, my darling Arthur! So handsome.

Katnip Lounge said...

I know how you feel about too few legs. I myself could use at least three more laps.

The cold wet weather has driven my crew indoors and they are starting to get cranky cabin fever...come on Spring!

The Chair Speaks said...

Wow! We can see you are kept busy, busy, busy! :)

catsynth said...

Sounds like a bit of cabin fever in the cold. But Arthur seems to be enjoying his lap time and affection :)

Elizabeth said...

One of the best feelings in the world is on a cold day, to cuddle up with a nice warm and very soft kitty. I've been doing that a lot lately. Your cats look very sweet and loving. Love that white one.


Ginger Jasper said...

Loved the pictures today and your collage is brilliant . \we too have the cold wet weather. Roll on spring.. Hugs GJ x

Carla said...

I think I will be doing a lap post next week. My lap is just not 'wide' enough. According to my three kitties that is.

Lui said...

You are right Gattina! I should have two more "laps" ordered and dressed with your pants over it and left seated on the chair for the cats to sit on it anytime they want! Ha! Sweepy thought of that clever solution!

Hey Arthur! See any interesting skywatch or sepia scenes on the neighborhood lately? ;-)

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

What a fun catch up post! We are lucky because milo likes dad's lap, and Alfie prefers mom's lap ~ so there is no squabbling! MOL! Well not over laps anyway!

We love the chopping board (with the cougette on it).

Irishcoda said...

I so enjoy looking at pictures of your gang, especially Arthur! I was laughing when I read that Rosie hid one of her mousies in your slipper! :D

meowmeowmans said...

Love the pictures -- especially the ones of Arthur on your lap. :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

Rosie is just one smart kitty!
You are very talented--scratching AND taking pictures at the same time!
shrinking slippers--oh my!